Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children

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Objectives and Curriculum

Community Pediatrics Educational Objectives:

  1. Assess and address the cultural and non-medical influences to improve health of children in their communities;
  2. Provide culturally-competent, family-centered, coordinated and community-based care utilizing community strengths and assets;
  3. Implement a collaborative community-based initiative with community-based organizations and other professionals, as a part of an interdisciplinary team;
  4. Advocate for children with other professionals locally, regionally and nationally.

Community Pediatrics Key Components:

  1. Core Curriculum (Pediatric Level, PL 1-3)

    • Expand knowledge and attitudes about social and cultural influences on health
    • Develop skills in multi-dimensional team interactions
    • Noon conferences
    • Mandatory month-long block rotation
  2. Community Experiences (PL-2)

    • Expand ability to apply concepts and skills into community projects with the guidance of faculty and community mentors
    • Completed during month long block rotation
  3. Faculty Development

    • Enhance interactive teaching techniques through quality improvement processes
  4. Parent Development

    • Enhance use of real life experiences to augment learning

Community Pediatric Staffing:

Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH
Medical Director

Michael C. Weisgerber, MD
Residency Director

Elizabeth Nelson
Program Manager
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