Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy

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Winter/ Spring 2006 Seminars
Date Speaker Topic
Jan 12 Carmen Bergom (graduate student in Dr. Peter Newman's lab)
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW
PECAM-1 confers resistance to apoptosis – mechanisms and potential uses in cancer treatment
Jan 23 Dr. Giles Duffield
Depts of Genetics and Integrative & Molecular Neuroscience, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, NH
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
From suprachiasmatic nucleus to peripheral tissues: Molecular and integrative studies of the mammalian circadian clock
Jan 26 Dr. Maureen Barr
School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin, Madison
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
C. elegans models for human ciliary diseases
Jan 30 Dr. Patricia Labosky
Dept of Cell & Developmental Biology, Univ of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Shared molecular requirements in multiple embryonic progenitor cell lineages
Feb 2 Dr. Maya Sieber-Blum
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW
Research in Progress: EPI-NCSC: A novel type of multipotent adult stem cell
Feb 9 Dr. Alice Davy
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Ephrin signaling in mouse development
Feb 13 Dr. Irene Zohn
Dept of Pediatrics, Univ of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Neural tube closure and gastrulation: Novel genes and new insights
Feb 16 Dr. Lizi Wu
Dept of Medical Oncology, Harvard Medical School, Boston
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
The MAML family: transcriptional co-activators for Notch signaling in development and cancers
Feb 20 Dr. Bradley Kerr
Center for Research in Neuroscience, Dept of Neurology & Neurosurgery, McGill University Montreal, Canada
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Cytokines and their suppressors: Pro- and anti-inflammatory pathways in models of spinal cord injury
Feb 23 Student Choice Seminar: Dr. Michael Dyer
St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
(Hosts: Department graduate students)
The role of the Rb family in retinal development and retinoblastoma
Feb 27 Dr. Pin-Xian Xu
McLaughlin Research Institute, Great Falls, MT
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
The role of Eya and Six genes in mammalian sensory organ development
March 2 Dr. Ajay Chitnis
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Unit on Vertebrate Neural Development, NICHD, NIH, Bethesda, MD
(Host: Dr. Brian Link)
Delta endocytosis and Notch signaling in zebrafish neurogenesis
March 6 Dr. Ipe Ninan
Taub Inst for Research on Alzheimer's Disease & The Aging Brain, Columbia Univ
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Presynaptic remodeling and synaptic plasticity
March 9 Dr. James Holaska
Dept of Cell Biology, John Hopkins Univ School of Medicine, Baltimore
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
The nuclear envelope protein, Emerin, regulates gene expression and nuclear structure: Implications for Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy
March 13 Dr. Nashaat Gerges
Dept of Pharmacology, Univ of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Receptor trafficking and synaptic plasticity
March 16 Kai Sun (graduate student in Dr. Stephen Duncan's laboratory)
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW
Research in Progress: (1) Pescadillo is required for cell proliferation (2) Serum response factor plays an essential role in mouse liver development
March 27 Dr. Man-Kyo Chung
Dept of Biological Chemistry, Johns Hopkins Univ School of Medicine
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
TRPV channels in keratinocytes respond to heat "pore"ly, but not poorly
March 30 Dr. Mark Blumberg
Dept of Psychology, University of Iowa, Iowa City
(Hosts: Drs. Carol Everson and Margaret Wong-Riley)
The form and function of infant sleep: From muscle to neocortex
April 6 Dr. Herwig Baier
University of California, San Francisco
(Host: Dr. Brian Link)
Genetic analysis of visual perception in Zebrafish


Fall 2006 Seminars




Sept 7

Alice Cui (graduate student in Dr. Brian Link's laboratory)
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW

Multiple roles of atypical protein kinase C during retinal development

Sept 21
Dr. Wolfgang Baehr
Univ of Utah
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)

The dark side of phototransduction

Sept 28

Dr. Jyoti Sengupta
Div of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, MCW
(Host: Dr. Cheryl Stucky)

The role of transient receptor potential vanilloid one (TRPV1) in visceral hyperalgesia: An overview

Oct 5
Dr. Danny Riley
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW

Research in Progress:Probing mechanisms by which stretch preserves skeletal muscle structure

Oct 12
Dr. Sandra Haberichter
Dept of Pediatrics, MCW
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)
Regulated storage and secretion of von Willebrand factor
Oct 19
Dr. Marina Antoch
Dept of Cancer Biology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, OH
(Host: Dr. Joseph Besharse)

Mammalian circadian proteins in normal physiology and genotoxic stress responses

Oct 26
10:00 am

Dr. Jean Rosenbaum (Site is in French) Director, GREF INSERM E362 et IFR66, Univ Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2, France
(Host: Dr. Stephen Duncan)

Expression and function of the related ATPases reptin and pontin, in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Nov 2

Dr. Ming Zhao
Dept of Biophysics & Radiology, MCW
(Host: Dr. John Lough)

Non-invasive imaging of acute cardiac cell death

Nov 9
10:00 am

Dr. Joseph Besharse
Marvin Wagner Professor and Chair, Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW

Research in Progress:
Chaperone mediated cargo loading in the transport of membrane proteins into sensory cilia

Nov 16

Dr. Michele Battle (post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Stephen Duncan's lab)
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW

HNF4 alpha orchestrates epithelial morphogenesis in the developing mouse liver

Nov 30
Dr. Robert Gourdie
Dept of Cell Biology & Anatomy and Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center, Medical Univ of South Carolina
(Host: Dr. Maya Sieber-Blum)

The unstoppable Cx43 carboxyl-terminus: New roles in cardiac gap junction organization and wound healing

Dec 7


Dr. Maya Sieber-Blum
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW

Research in Progress: A Neural Crest Stem Cell Molecular Signature

Dec 14


Min-Su Kim (Senior Research Scientist in Dr. John Lough's lab)
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, MCW

What is Tip60 doing in the heart?




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