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Jeremiah D. Paulus, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2009)

Faculty Advisor: Brian A. Link, PhD

Mailing Address:
Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-3548

Phone: (414) 955-8509
Fax: (414) 955-6517
Email: jpaulus@mcw.edu



Research Area:  The complex genetic etiology of glaucoma and vertebrate retinal development


Research Area 1:  The complex genetic etiology of glaucoma

The glaucomas are a group of eye diseases characterized by a loss of retinal ganglion cells, and accompanying loss of vision. While glaucomas are often associated with an increase of intraocular pressure, this is not always the case. The genetic causes for glaucomas are likely due to an interaction of a significant number of predisposing factors, which are unlikely to lead to retinal damage when considered in isolation. For this reason, it is difficult to identify genes that are members of the glaucoma-influencing cohort, and most probably remain undiscovered. In the Link lab, we are undertaking a mutagenesis screen on a zebrafish line whose genetic background has been shown to have an increased likelihood of glaucoma development. We intend to identify genes that lead to anterior segment dysgenesis, increased intraocular pressure and retinal ganglion cell death, all of which are associated with glaucoma disease in humans.

Research Area 2:  The role of glaucoma-associated genes

Although a few genes have been found to be associated with glaucoma in humans, the process by which mutations in these genes lead to developing the disease is unknown. We are studying the role of optineurin, a gene implicated in causing glaucoma without increased intraocular pressure. Although this gene has been studied in cell culture, there is some question about what signaling pathways it may affect in the eye to cause glaucoma. We are expressing a mutant form of this gene in specific eye cell types in the zebrafish and examining what signaling pathways are disrupted, and whether this may contribute to a glaucoma-associated phenotype.

Education and Training:

2004 – 2009 PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Supervised by Dr. Mary C. Halloran).
2002 – 2004 Associate Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Supervised by Dr. Mary C. Halloran).
2001 – 2002 Associate Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Supervised by Dr. Ronald E. Kalil).
1997 – 2001 BA in Zoology and Anatomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Paulus JD, Willer GB, Willer JR, Gregg RG and Halloran MC. 2009. Muscle contractions guide Rohon-Beard peripheral sensory axons. J Neurosci 29, 13190-201.

Paulus JD and Halloran MC. 2006. Zebrafish bashful/laminin alpha 1 mutants exhibit multiple axon guidance defects. Dev Dyn 235, 213-224.


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