Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy

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Xiuping Gao, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy

PhD, Shanxi Medical University, China, 2004

Faculty Advisor: Margaret Wong-Riley, PhD

Phone: (414) 955-8466
FAX: (414) 955-6517
Email: xggao@mcw.edu





Research Area:  Electrophysiological study on receptor development of brain stem nuclei involved in respiratory control

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has its peak incidence not at birth, but months later, suggesting that there is a critical period of postnatal development when a seemingly normal infant may succumb to SIDS. In a rat model, we found a narrow window at the end of the second postnatal week when major neurochemical, metabolic, and ventilatory changes occur in normal animals, and when their response to hypoxia is at their weakest. During this time, the function of some ligand-receptor such as GABA, NMDA and glycine receptor etc. have changed, which should be influence on respiratory. The evidence of such a critical period of normal postnatal development has significant relevance to the understanding of SIDS.

Training / Education
1998-2004 Master and PhD, Shanxi Medical University, China
2004-2007 Lecture, Shanxi Medical University, China


Gao Xiu Ping, Qi Jin Shun. Comparison of the characteristics of fast-inactivating K+ channel currents in rat hippocampal neurons with those in cerebral cortical neurons,J Shanxi Med Univ, 2007, 38(6):481-483.
GAO Xiuping, QI Jin shun, QIAO Jian tian. Suppressive effect of AβP25-35 on activities of large conductance Ca2+activated K+ channels in patches excised from rat cortical neurons, Chin J Neuromed, 2006, 5(5): 458-461.

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