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Senior Mentor Program

The Senior Mentor Program is an education program to increase student opportunities to early exposure to older adults and issues of geriatrics.  This program exposes students to independent, relatively healthy older adults in order to challenge myths about all older adults being frail, while giving them hands-on experience with assessment community skills.  First year students select the Senior Mentor Program option in place of a physician mentor for the Mentor Course in the Clinical Continuum.


Goals of the Program:

  • To increase knowledge about geriatrics
  • To increase knowledge of the psycho-social aspects of aging
  • Dispel myths and misconceptions about aging and older adults
  • Increase knowledge of patient assessment and communication skills
  • Increase student interest in the care of older adults or geriatrics as a career choice

Funding Sources:

  • VMP Foundation, VMP
  • Center for Healthy Communities & Research, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Division of Geriatrics/Gerontology, Department of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

Program Contact:

Shari Hagedorn
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