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Research Resources


(UNDER CONSTRUCTION)       Overview of website – scope

Scholarly Projects (Jeff)


Getting Started

Research projects start with a question.  The question can be something as simple as a descriptive query, “How many of my patients with diabetes have their HgA1c under control?”,  up to a randomized controlled trial, that might answer a questions such as “Will intervention X get more of my diabetic patients in HgA1c control compared to the current standard of care?”.  

Your first step should be to find out what is already known on the topic of your question.  A search of the literature might answer your question, or point to gaps in what is known.  If there is a gap in knowledge, how could you design a study to fill in that gap?  As you contemplate how you might obtain an answer to your question, check in with your site’s research contact(s) (see below).

Make sure you discuss your ideas with the research contacts at your site at an early stage.  They can help you directly and/or connect you with those who can help you formulate your research question, design an appropriate study and navigate the Institutional Review Board(s).

Link to “Every Doc Can Do Research” Workbook (Gordon, Miser, et al):

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               Funding sources

                     Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program  




                                 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,-96.38/z/4

               Research requirements



                              CITI training

               Research Methods and Tools










Research Contacts

Central Department

                              Clare Guse, Sr. Biostatistician   

                              Michele Leininger, Program Coordinator II, Assistance with IRB & eBridge

Residency Programs


                              Aaron Grace, MD, Asst Prof.  

                              Shannon Mesick, Adm. Asst. 

               St. Joseph’s

                              Sandra Olsen, Program Manager II, Family Medicine

               Columbia/St. Mary’s

                              Diana Lenhardt, Research Manager     
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