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Marion Area Coalition for Healthy Communities

Coalition-Building Activities

Coalition-building activities including increasing youth involvement in the coalition, holding regular meetings, advancing the strategic plan and fundraising efforts, participating in poverty-simulation training, collaborating at the county level (and potentially beyond) and conducing a 5K Run/Walk.  Through these efforts, the collective strengths of the community are leveraged to create a stronger community and coalition.


  • Marion Area Community Foundation
  • Marion Area Christian Youth Foundation (MACYI)
  • Marion Area City, Village, and Township governments
  • Marion Area Ministerial Association
  • Marion Civic Group
  • City of Marion Police Department
  • The Marion Advertiser (local newspaper)
  • Area civic and volunteer organizations
  • Local business leaders
  • Local health care providers
  • Center for Healthy Communities, Department of Family and Community Medicine,
    Medical College of Wisconsin
  • School District of Marion
  • University of Wisconsin-Extension, Waupaca County

Goal of these Activities:

  • Increase community coalition benefit and effectiveness


  • Institutionalize a youth advisory committee-plans are underway to better incorporate youth input and feedback into the Coalition efforts.  This will likely come through the youth service group.
  • Hold bi-monthly coalition workgroup meetings.
  • Advance strategic planning, fundraising, and sustainability efforts-strategic planning efforts will be finalized in Summer 2007 and advanced.  A sustainability plan is in place and is being moved forward.  Fundraising efforts are the next level of effort.
  • Participate in poverty simulation training-This training will provide coalition members the background needed to adjust programming to meet the needs of all sectors of the Marion area.
  • Participate in county-level coalitions and efforts.
  • Conduct 5K Run/Walk-The first 5K Run/Walk was held in Fall 2006 and was very successful in multiple ways.  The event is expected to continue.


  • The Coalition has been successful over the past 10+ years in addressing its priorities, as demonstrated through significant decreases in substance abuse.  Workgroup meetings are held consistently and with good turnout.

Funding Source:

  • Drug-Free Communities Support Program grant, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Local government, business, and other individuals contribution of time
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