Office of Clinical Informatics (OCI)

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About Office of Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the use of information technology, computer science, and knowledge management methodologies to deliver more efficient, effective and safer care, improve knowledge access and facilitate technology-enhanced education.

Its realm extends to computer based record systems, decision support, computer assisted management tools, standards development, electronic security, confidentiality and privacy, data mining and reporting.

Our vision for informaticists on campus is for them to be leaders in the build, implementation, and optimization of tools needed to support the highest standard of patient centered, interdisciplinary, cost effective, primary and specialty care.

Our focus to date has been on the implementation of an electronic medical record system. The infrastructure needed to provide the data, clinical decision support, and management tools needed for our institutions to reach their goals and objectives.

We will continue to be involved in implementation but will be broadening our mission to include improving tools to capture discrete clinical data, improving display of clinical information to providers, increasing reporting capabilities for the clinical practice, practice management, and 3rd party payers, and clinical decision support to improve the effectiveness of care and improve safety.

Technology alone will not achieve all of our goals for clinical informatics. Complex legal, economic, human factors and societal issues will need to be addressed if our efforts to use information technology to improve care are to succeed. For this reason our vision has to include the building of relationships and partners, acting as information resources and participating in the enterprise's effort to improve information technology.
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