Corporate Compliance

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Corporate Compliance *

Daniel Wickeham, Vice President, Corporate Compliance and Risk Management, HIPAA Privacy Officer, Telephone:  (414)955-8826

Clinical Compliance *

Christine Santiago, CPC, CPC-H, Manager, Clinical Compliance, Telephone: (414)805-6364

Georgia Dollhopf, RHIA, CHP, CPC, Compliance Coordinator III - Health Information, Telephone: (414)805-6369

Leslie Lauren-Haglund, CHC, CPC, Compliance Coordinator III - Special Investigations, Telephone:  (414)805-6362

Elizabeth Keltner, CPC, CHCA, Compliance Coordinator II, Telephone:  (414)805-6363

Breanna Suskey-Peyton, CPC, Compliance Corrdinator I, Telephone:  (414)805-6373

Internal Audit *

Tennille Sifuentes, CPA, CIA, Director, Internal Audit, Telephone: (414)955-7366

Annelise Gossette, CPA, CIA, Senior Internal Auditor, Telephone: (414)955-7362

Tanya Stamps, Staff Auditor, Internal Audit, Telephone: (414)955-7364

Research Compliance *

Sandi Stoflet, Manager, Research Compliance, Telephone: (414)955-8243

Jane Rebro, Compliance Coordinator, Finance, Telephone: (414)955-7368

Ellen Manning, MA, Compliance Coordinator, Research, Telephone: (414)955-7374

Risk Management *

Jonathan Wertz, JD, RN, Director, Telephone:  (414)955-3152 - Office, (414)736-6430 - Cell

Sheridan Ryan, JD, PT, Assistant Director, Telephone:  (414)955-3153

Mary Olson, Risk Management Associate, Telephone: (414)955-3152

Virginia Carlson, Administrative Assistant III, Telephone: (414)955-3150

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