Cardiovascular Medicine

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Jonathan Freeman, MD (2006-2009)

1. Why did you choose to come to the Medical College of Wisconsin?

The balance of education and clinical responsibility seemed ideal at MCW. The leadership in the division was clear on my interview day, and I could tell the right people were in the right spots. I interviewed with the Chief Fellow at the time Dale Owen, and he described the program as a "hidden gem." Dale was from North Carolina and Milwaukee was far from home, to hear him describe the program it was clear that he was very enthusiastic about his three years with MCW. The folks I met on my interview day were all common sense, well-grounded and nice people. I knew immediately that it was the right spot for me. I'd interviewed at 12 other programs by the time I reached the interview in Milwaukee and no other program was on par with MCW in my view.

2. How did you and the program benefit from one another?

The program provided a solid clinical background for me and allowed me to enter my career confident in my abilities. The folks at MCW are great teachers and more importantly they like doing it and are willing to lengthen their day for the benefit of the fellows' education. The program allowed me to have leadership responsibilities, develop my own curriculum to support my educational goals, and provided adequate clinical volume without over-burdening the fellows.

The fellows are depended upon to provide solid clinical care of patients 24/7. I worked hard during fellowship to meet the needs of clinical care and I hope the faculty and hospital benefited from my efforts. As the chief fellow I also contributed administrative efforts to the program and fellowship education.

3. Where are you now and how did training at MCW help you get there?

I'm working as a faculty cardiologist with the Mid-America Cardiology group at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We are a 40 person group that provides cardiac care for much of the Kansas City Metro area. I'm doing general cardiology including non-invasive imaging, outpatient and inpatient care. I work with fellows and residents on a daily basis.

MCW provided the solid fund of knowledge to allow me to start my career with confidence. I'll forever be indebted to the folks in Milwaukee that accepted me into the fellowship program and worked so hard to assure that I would be a well-rounded and well-trained cardiologist.
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