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    Campus Disciplinary Procedures in Alleged Sex Offense Cases

    MCW policies addressing sexual harassment and other professional misconduct apply to students, staff, and faculty.  These policies, as applicable, may be used to hear, and determine sanctions in cases of alleged sexual offenses.  Disciplinary sanctions in cases of sex offenses under both policies range up to and include expulsion or termination.  The procedures for handling charges under either policy are described in the Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook, Faculty Information Handbook, Graduate Student Handbook, and the Medical Student Handbook.   In each handbook, steps for reporting offenses, hearing offenses, making determinations, and taking disciplinary action are detailed. Grievance procedures are also outlined in the handbooks.  A copy of the MCW policy against sexual harassment is on page 64 of the Medical Student Handbook.

    When a sexual offense results in a disciplinary proceeding, both accuser and accused have certain rights.  The accuser and the accused are entitled the same opportunity to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding.  Each is entitled to be informed of the final determination made by MCW regarding the alleged sexual offense, as well as any sanction that is imposed.