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Rich and Plain Text Boxes in eBridge

Instructions for minimizing display errors when using the Copy and Paste feature in eBridge text boxes.

eBridge makes use of two types of text boxes within the SmartForm:

A) Rich Text Box

B) Plain Text Box

The plain text box does not have formatting tools, whereas the rich text box has a formatting toolbar, similar to those of a word processing application.

Note: Browsers affect the way any Web page displays, including eBridge pages. Depending upon whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, what displays may be correct, but can also display as incomplete or skewed. Try using a different browser when you have problems. Please contact the eBridge Help Desk for further assistance. Refer to the eBridge browser page for more information on browsers.

A) Copy and Paste Using a Rich Text Box (Image 1.0)

  • Paste from Word - BEST PRACTICE
    • When adding text for the first time: Create the content directly in the text box using its formatting tools. Or you can create the content in Word, then copy it from Word and paste it into the Rich Text Box using the Paste from Word option.
    • When editing existing text: Copy ALL the existing text, tables, etc., and paste into Word. Complete your changes in Word. When finished, copy all the content from Word and paste it back into the text box over your original content using Paste from Word.
  • Paste - Use this option if you removed formatting from your text by using Notepad. (Image 2.1) Notepad is found on most PCs.
  • Paste as Plain Text - if you do not have Notepad, this option will remove most formatting. 

    Image 1.0


 B) Copy and Paste Using a Plain Text Box (Image 2.0)

Text that is copied and pasted into eBridge plain text boxes (no tool bar) should be stripped of formatting prior to pasting into eBridge. Text that includes special characters, symbols, images, and tables will not display correctly. While text in the eBridge plain text box may look correct at the time you paste it, that same text when viewed in Printer Friendly or in View Differences may reveal errors such as odd characters, white space, too much space, missing text, etc. Instructions are in the images below.

Image 2.0

Image 2.1