Medical Scientist Training Program

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 :: Complete online AMCAS application

:: Complete the MCW online secondary application

:: Upload/designate letters of recommendation for both the MSTP and MD programs (they can be the same set of letters if you so choose)

The Medical Scientist Training Program welcomes applications from individuals desiring careers as physician-scientists.  All applicants must satisfy the requirements for the medical school, which can be found at  Applicants should have strong academic qualifications as well as experiences that demonstrate potential for success as clinician-investigators.  The MSTP Admissions Committee looks at applicants as whole individuals, considering life experiences as well as academic achievement.  Substantive research experience is highly desirable.

Because of the increasing diversity of the United States population, there is a need for physician-scientists who are members of under-represented minority and other disadvantaged groups.  Our Program encourages applications from students who are members of under-represented minority groups, from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are disabled.  In addition, we welcome students who have completed their undergraduate (Bachelor degree) education both in the United States or Canada.  Citizenship status is not a consideration in admissions decisions, and international students receive the same funding as domestic students.

It is the policy of the College to provide equal opportunities, consistent with applicable state and federal laws, to all qualified persons without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, membership in the national guard, state defense force or any other component of military forces of the United States or Wisconsin, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, religion, arrest or conviction record or other pertinent legislation, judicial mandates and presidential executive orders designed to eradicate discrimination in all areas.

Application Process
We do not have a rolling admissions policy; however, we may admit a limited number of highly competitive applicants prior to the end of our interview process.  The requirements to be considered as a candidate for admission to the Medical Scientist Training Program at MCW are outlined below:

Applicants must apply to the combined M.D./Ph.D. program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  An online AMCAS application must be completed through the Association of American Medical Colleges at  The Medical College of Wisconsin must be included in the list of schools to which the application will be sent. The AMCAS completion deadline is November 1st.  An applicant applies to both the M.D. program as well as to the MSTP, and the application is reviewed by separate committees for admission into each of these respective programs.  Applicants not chosen for admission into the MSTP are still considered separately for admission into the M.D. program.

Applicants must complete the online MCW secondary application.  Please read and follow the MSTP instructions within the secondary application.  Once the initial AMCAS application is received, the MCW Office of Admissions for the M.D. program will contact the applicant via email with instructions to complete the secondary application.  All secondary materials requested by MCW must be completed no later than January 31st.  There is no additional cost to apply to the MSTP beyond that which is requested for application to the M.D. program -- the MSTP does not charge a fee.


In addition to the Medical School requirements, simultaneous application to the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD) requires 3 letters of reference.  These letters may be the MD admission letters if you so choose, however, please be sure they are written to support your career as a physician-scientist.  Letters to our Program can be uploaded to VirtualEvals or Interfolio. In addition, they can now be sent through the AMCAS.  Individuals may also have letters sent directly to us. – if your letters will be individually addressed, please address the MD/PhD letters to Dr. Joseph Barbieri, Medical Scientist Training Program Director with the mailing address of:

Medical College of Wisconsin
Office of Admissions
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Applicants will be evaluated by the MSTP Admissions Committee based upon undergraduate transcripts, MCAT scores, research experiences, letters of recommendation, and other experiences provided.  Selected applicants will be invited to visit the College for interviews with faculty and MSTP Admissions Committee members.  When possible, interviews for the M.D. program and the MSTP will take place during the same visit.  If an individual is chosen and accepts an interview, the MSTP will pay for their hotel accommodations, as well as reimburse reasonable airfare/travel costs for their visit.  During the visit, the applicant will meet current MSTP students and will have the opportunity to visit selected research laboratories.  Applicants who are accepted into the MSTP will be given the opportunity to revisit the campus at a later date (before their official start date) to meet with additional faculty who share their research interests.  This second visit will help the new trainee to identify potential laboratories for their initial laboratory rotations, and will ease their transition into the MSTP.

In summary, a complete MSTP application consists of the following components:

1. Complete the required components of the AMCAS application.
2. Complete the online MCW secondary application for both the MD and MD/PhD programs.
3. List the letters that you will upload/send for both the MD and the MSTP as stated in the secondary application.  You may use the same letters for both programs or choose to send more selected research letters to the MD/PhD.  The MD Office has specific requirements as to who should write your letters.  The MD/PhD Program does not have this requirement.

Additional information about the Medical Scientist Training Program can be obtained by contacting the MSTP Office:

Carol Knapp, Program Coordinator
Medical Scientist Training Program
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53225
Phone: 1-800-457-2775 or (414) 456-8641
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