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eBridge Funding Proposal Enhancements

Posted 7/1/13 - In the June 29, 2013 eBridge Production Patch, three enhancements were added to the eBridge Funding Proposals module: 1) New Request Senior/Key Personnel Activity, 2) New Process for Requesting Salary Cap, and 3) "Withdraw Funding Proposal" Activity Expanded to More Roles.  Please take a few minutes to review the details below.


New Request Senior/Key Personnel Activity

The “Request New Senior/Key Personnel” activity was added to the Funding Proposal Workspace.  The PI, BS or the PDA can now add new Senior/Key Personnel to a funding proposal after a funding proposal has been awarded and activated, in State 16.  The benefit is that Senior or Key Personnel can be added at the time they join the project.  Previously, Senior or Key Personnel could only be added when a Continuation FP was open for NIH funded research or not at all for other types of funding.  Now the History Tab will better reflect the project’s progress.



Clicking the activity will open a window in which the PI, BS or PDA will:

  1. Select the Additional Investigator “Add” button, and select the new person. Complete the remaining questions and attachments on the “Additional Investigator” window as appropriate for the funding type.

  1. From the “Request New Senior/Key Personnel” window, upload the completed MCW eBridge Registration Form, as the required attachment.


Completing the activity will both generate an email message to and move the funding proposal to the GCO Owner of the funding proposal.  After a GCO staff member approves the request, the set of Senior and Key Personnel for the funding proposal will update on Page B. 

The approval or denial activity by the Grants & Contracts Office will send an email to the PI, BS and PDA of the PI.



New Process for Requesting Salary Cap - No Need to Contact the eBridge Help Desk

All requests for the application of a Salary Cap should be made by the PI, BS or PDA of the PI via a new activity in the Funding Proposal Workspace.  The activity is available in Presubmission and all other states when the funding proposal is editable by the Proposal Team.

Use the “Request Salary Cap” activity to have either the NIH or the PCORI salary cap value applied to the budget for funding proposals in which eBridge does not automatically apply it.

Do not use the activity if 1) organization type = federal or federal-pass through and primary or secondary sponsor is an NIH agency or, 2) if the primary or secondary sponsor is PCORI or, 3) if the organization type = internal and sponsor is Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program.  In these cases, you do not need to make a request; eBridge will apply the salary cap systematically.

When using the activity, specify the Requested Salary Cap Value and provide a description of why the salary cap is required.  If applicable, please upload documentation for the request, such as the Sponsor’s guidelines.

Completing the activity to Request Salary Cap automatically generates a notification to the GCO.  The GCO Point of Contact for the funding type will review and render a decision on the request. Once approved, the salary cap will then be applied, and an email sent to the PI, BS and PDA of PI.


“Withdraw Funding Proposal” Activity Expanded to More Roles

The “Withdraw Funding Proposal” activity has been expanded to the GCO, PDA of PI and BS roles.  This activity was previously only available to the PI.  Use the activity to “Withdraw” funding proposals that will not be submitted for review.  A note of caution:  The “Withdraw Funding Proposal” activity permanently disables a funding proposal which cannot be reversed. If a funding proposal is mistakenly withdrawn, the proposal team must start a new funding proposal to replace it.


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