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eBridge Funding Proposal Enhancements

Posted 3/26/13 - In the March 30, 2013 eBridge Production Patch, several enhancements will be added to the eBridge Funding Proposal Module.  Please review each announcement below:


Fringe Benefit Rate Changes for Faculty/Staff & Graduate Students

Effective 7/1/2013, the fringe benefit rates are changing.  The faculty/staff fringe benefit rate is reduced from 28.5% to 27.5%, and the graduate student fringe benefit rate is increased from 13.5% to 13.8%.  Although the rate change is effective on 7/1/2013, the changes are reflected in the Funding Proposal Budget for the Personnel Costs calculations beginning March 30, 2013.


New Activity to Request GCO to Decline Funding Proposal

A new activity, “Request GCO to Decline FP”, was added to the eBridge Funding Proposal Workspace for users to request the Grants and Contracts Office to decline funding proposals in the State of “Pending Sponsor Decision.”  The activity is available to the principal investigator, budget specialist listed on the funding proposal, and the primary department administrator.  The new activity will provide an option for those individuals in these roles with the ability to efficiently notify the Grants office when a specific Funding Proposal will not be awarded.


Reduce Frequency of Email Notification for Funding Proposals in Presubmission for More Than 180 Days

The email notification frequency for funding proposals in the State of Presubmission for over 180 days is changed to once a month instead of daily.  The initial intent for the daily notifications was to encourage the cleanup of the funding proposals in Presubmission.  The monthly notifications will still accomplish this initiative and at the same time limit the number of emails particularly for investigators who may submit their funding proposals in another cycle.

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