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CITI Training Now Tracked in eBridge

MCW requires all staff and faculty involved in human subject research to complete the online CITI Training Program for research ethics.

On February 15, 2014, CITI training information will be tracked in a person's Researcher Profile under a new tab, Human Research Training. Additionally, all Human Research Projects on which a person is listed will display his/her CITI training information. There are key areas in eBridge where you can view Human Research training records, including the following:

Three new icons, displayed below, are used to correspond with the status of a your CITI training. In eBridge, the meaning of each can also be viewed by hovering the mouse over the icon.

  • At least one of the CITI Learning
    Groups 1-8 is current (not expired).


  • All of the CITI Learning Groups 1- 8 are expired.


  • No CITI Learning Group 1 - 8 is found in eBridge.

    Hover feature found in Project Information Links


The first place to view the status of your training is in your eBridge Researcher Profile.


From your Human Research Project Workspace, under the Project Information Links section in the center of the page,
select the Human Research Training link. You can view the training status of all PI/SS personnel listed on the project.

Project Information Links - Human Research Training


From your Human Research Project Workspace, in the left navigation area under My Activities,
is Update My Approved Project. When adding a new person to your project, you can now verify
their training directly in the activity pop-up. 


When you select Add, the person's training status will display.


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Page Updated 04/08/2014