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Action Required Tab

User Feedback

  • You wanted to easily find all submissions, including sub-projects such as amendments, to which you are asked to make changes.
  • You wanted to easily identify what is especially time sensitive and critical.
  • You wanted a way for a PI to easily find those submissions that are ready to be submitted for review.

Solution (functionality)

  • Displays only those submissions for which changes are requested and for which you have edit access.
  • Includes both Animal Submissions and Human Projects.
  • Has two sections for the PI view, one section for Study Staff. (see below for complete information)
  • Has new column: AUA/PRO for displaying the parent ID of a sub-project. This column is sortable.
  • Expiration Date displays with color coding.

Functionality - PI

Two sections are possible within the tab display:

  1. "Ready for PI to Submit" section displays at the top of the "Action Required" tab only if a submission is ready and a Study Team member executed the "Notify PI to Submit" activity.
  2. "Change Requests" section displays all submissions requiring action from the PI/Study Team. (only displays for those with edit access).


Functionality - Study Team

One section is possible for Study Team members.

  1. "Change Requests" section displays all submissions requiring action from the Study Team/PI. (only displays for those with edit access).



  1. An amendment (animal or human) will display under the "Change Requests" tab if a reviewer has asked for changes and you have edit access to this amendment.
     - This amendment would not display here if you only have read access.
  2. A Study Team member executes the "Notify PI to Submit" activity. The PI receives an email notification that a submission is ready to submit.
     - The PI can select the link from the email to go directly to the submission, or
     - The PI can log in to eBridge and immediately view the section "Ready for PI to Submit".


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