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Human Projects Tab


User Feedback

  • You wanted to easily locate Approved projects.
  • You wanted to sort by PI name, Study Coordinator (now called Contact), and expiration date for prioritizing.
  • You wanted easier access to projects that were expired, withdrawn, etc.

Solution (functionality)

  • Displays for those listed on a PRO, for which you have read or edit access.
  • Additional sorting by PI, Contact (previously listed as Study Coordinator), and expiration date.
  • Displays with two sections: 1) Approved Projects and 2) Projects in the following states: Completed, Expired, Terminated, Denied, and Withdrawn.


  1. A Human Project expired. You want to continue it by submitting a CPR. To find it, you can go to the Human Projects Tab, and look in the second section for Completed, Expired, Terminated, Denied and withdrawn projects. The Date it was archived now displays, allowing you to determine if the project is within the six month time limit of submitting a CPR from the state of Expired.
  2. You are planning your work for the next six months.  You can sort by Expiration Date to find out which projects will need CPRs.


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