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In Review - Human Projects


User Feedback

  • You wanted to easily find all submissions, including Amendments, Continuing Progress Reports, and Reportable Events, that are in the process of being reviewed.
  • You wanted a way to monitor the progress of all submission.
  • You wanted to know how long the submission was in a certain state.

Solution (functionality)

  • Displays all Human Projects, including sub-projects, in the review process for easy access.
  • Displays those projects for which you have read or edit access.
  • Displays the date the submission entered the state, allowing for "at a glance" monitoring.
  • Displays the Expiration Dates, where applicable, such as the CPR, and uses color coding to further define those submissions that are within 90 days of expiration.
  • Displays name of Contact.



  1. A Continuing Progress Report (CPR) was submitted and is due to expire in 30 days. You submitted it well within the recommended time to safely avoid expiration. You can easily monitor the Expiration date column, paying special attention to the color coding.


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