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Pre Submission Tab

User Feedback

  • You wanted all projects in Pre Submission to be easily located but separate from those in review.
  • You wanted a way to know that the PI completed the submit activity.
  • You wanted to easily identify what is especially time sensitive and critical.

Solution (functionality)

  • Displays all projects in Pre Submission only, including sub-projects, such as Amendments, ARs, CPRs, etc.
  • Displays those submissions for which you have read or edit access.
  • Includes both Animal Submissions and Human Projects.
  • Has column: AUA/PRO for displaying the parent ID of a sub-project. This column is sortable.
  • Has the additional column with the date of when the PI was notified. (defaults to display in the order of the most recent date the PI was emailed)
  • The Expiration Date is in colored text for the CPR, AR, and 3-Year de novo. N/A displays in black text for any new AUA, AA, PRO, AME, and RE.
  • The Expiration Date displays in color for a Human Project if it is within 90 days of expiration.
  • The Expiration Date displays in color for an Animal Submission if it is within 60 days of expiration.
  • When the PI Submit activity is completed, the submission moves out of Pre-Submission and into In Review - either Animal or Human.
  • Displays name of Contact.


  1. An Animal Amendment was created several weeks ago, the PI was notified, and it is still in Pre Submission. Because it is not mixed with other submissions, such as it was in the previous "My Inbox", the Study Team can quickly locate the submission and view its status, including the most recent date the PI was notified.


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