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eBridge FAQ - Registration and Accounts

Research Systems Training offers eBridge users information with frequently asked questions. These questions are organized by topic:

Registration and Accounts

Researcher Profile

Funding Proposals

Animal Submissions

Human Submissions

 My eBridge notification emails keep going to my Outlook Junk E-mail folder. Why is eBridge doing this?

eBridge is not the cause of an email landing in your Junk E-mail folder in Outlook. Outlook, as well as MCW IS, apply filters to emails they deem as junk, and this can inadvertently affect legitimate emails, such as eBridge notifications. There is an easy way to resolve this issue by creating a Rule in Outlook. Please select Preventing Junk Mail Errors in Outlook for more on this topic.

 When I receive an email notification in eBridge, how do I know who else received that notification?

When you receive an email notification in eBridge, how do you know who else received that notification? There is an easy way to find the list of those who receive a copy of an email notification that you receive. Please select Finding the List of Recipients in an eBridge Notification Email to learn more about this topic.

 I recently became a faculty member, but my name is not appearing in the list of PIs to add to a new research project or funding proposal.

When an eBridge member becomes faculty, please contact the eBridge Help Desk and request the PI role be added to your account. While the Oracle system does update eBridge files, there isn't any automatic way to update the person's roles.

 I search for a person to add him/her to a funding proposal/AUA/PRO, but he/she doesn't appear on the list. Why?

When searching for a name in an eBridge SmartForm, there could be a few reasons you don't find him/her. Below are some common Help Desk tips and solutions.

  • The person doesn't have an eBridge account.
    Ask the Help Desk if that person has an account, and if not, instruct the person to register.
  • The person has changed his/her name or other account information.
    All user account information comes directly from the MCW HR Oracle system. The eBridge Help Desk can't change or update MCW employee information. Please contact MCW HR if your name, department or other account information has changed.
  • The person doesn't have the role for the SmartForm you are selecting from.
    Ask the person to request that the eBridge Help Desk add the appropriate role, such as Study Staff or Proposal Team, to his/her account.
    If the role is other than those two, such as Budget Specialist, PDA, or PDO, contact your Department Administrator and ask him/her to complete the online form Update Department Approver Roles form.
 I forgot my password.

The eBridge Help Desk CANNOT help you with your password. Your password is your MCW Network Password and to reset it you must call (not email) the MCW IS Help Desk, (414) 955-4357. Passwords cannot be reset through email.

 I am having a problem trying to complete an eBridge application. How do I get help?

The eBridge Help Desk provides support to all eBridge users. To better serve you and to expedite the request process, the eBridge Team developed a new Service Request Form. The form, live online now, helps you report your issue efficiently so that the Help Desk has the information it needs to understand, research and solve it. You will receive an email when a service ticket number has been assigned and another when the issue is closed.

Anywhere you see the icon below, simply click on it and the form will pop up. Complete it as best you can and select the Submit button. When you receive the email from MCW IS, you know that your issue is actively being looked at. If you have further questions about your issue, please make sure to reference the ticket number from the email.

Report an eBridge Issue

 How do I change my contact information in eBridge (phone #, email, name)

eBridge is connected to the MCW Oracle system. Please contact the MCW HR Service Center at (955) 955-8245 to have your contact information modified. They will make the changes for you. Oracle then sends an update to eBridge.

 I'm having problems when I try to log in to eBridge from home or from another non-MCW location.
  1. The User Id has two parts
    1. The first part is MCWcorp\
      1. The slash is a Backward slash
    2. The second part is your User ID
      1. User your MCW email User ID or the ID emailed to you by the eBridge Help Desk
    3. Type in the two parts together as mcwcorp\jdoe
    4. Enter your Password
    5. Suggestions on how to connect when traveling
 Why does my source document text seem to paste correctly into the eBridge SmartForm, but when I go to submit I get errors? Sometimes the "View Differences" or "Printer Friendly" versions look different.

While the pasted text in the SmartForm may look okay, when viewing that same text in "View Differences" or "Printer Friendly Version", it may not display correctly. eBridge has two types of text boxes into which you may copy and paste text - 1) Plain Text Box 2) Rich Text Box. If you copy text from your source document and paste directly into one of these text boxes, it is likely that the code from the formatting that was in the source document will corrupt how the text displays in eBridge. Each word processing program has different codes and eBridge can't distinguish all the codes that could be used. For detail instructions, please refer to Reducing display errors when using the Copy and Paste feature in eBridge text boxes.

 When I am about to attach a file to my eBridge submission, I receive the following security message: "Warning - Security. The application's digital signature has an error. Do you want to run the application?".

Select 'Run'. If you do not, you will need to exit the SmartForm, exit eBridge, close all open Internet browser windows, reopen eBridge, reopen the SmartForm and when the pop-up window asks you the question again, select 'Run'.

 Why is the information on the eBridge SmartForm not displaying the correct answer for me, but it is for another person?

Try ‘Clearing the Cache’ in your computer’s Internet Browser.
   Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other Internet browser, it is important to ‘clean up’ its page viewing ‘temporary Internet files’ on a regular basis. Your Internet browser saves information each time you visit a Web site. Usually you want this information saved because it speeds up your browsing when you return to a site. But if information on a site has been updated since the last time you visited it, you will want the new information, not the older, stored information.

   This is new to many of us, yet very important because this activity affects how a Web page may appear on a computer screen, including information that is entered in any field on a form. This includes eBridge, because eBridge is Web based.

The technical term for this clean up job is ‘clearing the cache’. It is advised that you do this at least weekly. There isn’t a hard and fast rule for this, only recommendations.

   Here are the instructions for the two most highly used Internet browsers, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you use a different browser, ask your department’s desktop support person  for help. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. From the toolbar at the top right section of your screen, select the following: Tools > Internet Options.
2. From the center of the popup box, select ‘Delete’ in the Browsing history section.
3. There are several options with check boxes. Select ‘Temporary Internet files’.
4. After putting a check mark in that box, select ‘Delete’.
5. That popup box closes and the original popup remains. Now select ‘OK’.
6. Close Internet Explorer (clears cookies that are still in memory from your current browsing session)

Mozilla Firefox
Versions prior to 5.0
1. From the toolbar at the top left section of your screen, select the following: Tools >  Options.
2. Select the Advanced panel.
3. Click on the Network tab.
4. In the Offline Storage section, click Clear Now.
5. Click OK to close the Options Window.
Versions 5.0 and later
1. Go to the Firefox dropdown menu at the very upper left corner.
2. Select Options > Options. (2 subsequent choices with the same name)
3. Select the Advanced panel.
4. Click on the Network tab.
5. In the Offline Storage section, click Clear Now.
6. Click OK to close the Options Window.

 How can I contact the eBridge Help Desk?

The eBridge Help Desk provides support for the electronic submission and tracking system. Prior to contacting the eBridge Help Desk, either by phone or email, please have available all information relevant to your issue, including protocol/AUA/funding proposal numbers. In this way the Help Desk may assist you efficiently and correctly. 

Phone:  414-955-8476

Hours:  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Email:  eBridge Help Desk - Report an Issue

 How do I register for an eBridge account?
  1. Type into the address bar of your computer's browser: http://ebridge.mcw.edu
  2. Select the "Registration" link in the upper right side of the screen.
  3. Complete the Self Registration form.
  4. All fields with a red asterisk are required fields.
  5. Select "Register" to submit the form to the eBridge Help Desk.
  6. It takes up to 24 hours for your account to be activated.
  7. The Help Desk will email you your User ID and Password.
 How do I get training on the eBridge system?

To register for a classroom session or choose from the online options, please visit eBridge Support. This Web site is organized by eBridge modules: Animal Submissions, Human Submissions or Funding Proposals.

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