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eBridge FAQ - Funding Proposals

 How does the NIH Salary Cap work in eBridge?

In eBridge, two types of funding proposals will default to the NIH Salary Cap:

1. NIH Federal funding proposal with NIH as the primary or secondary sponsor:

a. Organizational Type (Page C8.0) = “Federal” or “Federal Pass-through”
b. Page I1.0 or Page I2.0 = NIH organization (NIH in title)

2. Impact and Development projects for Healthier Wisconsin Partnership:

a. Organizational Type (Page C8.0) = “Internal”
b. Organizational Type (Page C9.0) = Healthier Wisconsin Partnership
c. Primary Sponsor/Funding Source (Page I1.0) = Healthier WI Partnership Program

Funding Proposals with any other combinations on Pages C8.0, C9.0 and I1.0 /I2.0 should contact the eBridge Help Desk to Report an Issue or call 414-955-8476 if the NIH Salary cap is needed for the budget.

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 I keep getting automated emails telling me my funding proposal has been in presubmission for over 90 days. How do I stop them?

Beginning March 30, 2013, a notification will be sent monthly to the PI, PT and PDA instead of daily of each Funding Proposal which has been in the Presubmission state for over 90 days.  The instructions in the email advise the PI to Withdraw the Funding Proposal, or complete and submit the Funding Proposal.

The purpose of this notification is to remind teams to take action on Funding Proposals which have been created, but have not been submitted.  This effort will help clean up your Inboxes and the eBridge database.

You can take steps to avoid receiving these email notifications:

1.  If you are PI – review the Funding Proposals in your Inbox, in the Presubmission state.  If the Funding Proposal was created in error, or if you no longer expect to pursue the project at this time, perform the activity, Withdraw Funding Proposal.

2.  If you are a PDA, BS, or PT – review the Funding Proposals in your Funding Proposals tab, in the Presubmission state.  Work with those investigators who may need to perform the Withdraw Funding Proposal activity. If the investigator is no longer with MCW, contact the eBridge Help Desk.


As a reminder, the Withdraw Funding Proposal is always available to the PI in the Presubmission state and should be executed at any time a decision has been made to not move forward with a Funding Proposal. If you leave the funding proposal in this state, you can't stop the emails.

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 Why are there two sections for choosing the Oracle cost center?

In eBridge Funding Proposals, Page T 4.0 of the budget SmartForm asks for the Oracle Cost Center. Page T, Question 4.0  of the funding proposal SmartForm includes two Oracle Cost Center pick lists - one that displays only those cost centers that are associated with the department of the Principal Investigator and the second that displays cost centers NOT associated with the department of the PI. If a cost center outside the department of the PI is selected, then question 4.1 must be answered - it is a text box for an explanation. The page will validate on your choices of answers. If you cannot find the cost center you are looking for, or if you have questions regarding the selection of a cost center, contact Sponsored Programs.

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 How do I change the start or end date on a new Funding Proposal once I've hit the save button on Page C?
Changes to the start or end date of a saved, but not yet submitted, Funding Proposal can be made on page J in the duration fields.
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 How do I override the F&A rate on page T of a funding proposal budget?

While in presubmission, the PI, BS and PDA have the activity Request F&A Override. This activity is available from the Budget Workspace.

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 F&A Rate Error: I received the following error message on Page T, Question 10.1 and 10.2, "The System defaulted the F&A Rate in Question 10.0, so you cannot specify one in Question 10.1, however, 10.0 is blank. How can I clear this error?

On Page T, clear out the values in Questions 10.1 and 10.2, select SAVE and the correct values appear.

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 How do I 'Agree to Participate' on a funding proposal?

All staff, key and non key, who will be included on the Personnel Costs grid, Page W, of a funding proposal budget must complete this activity. You may have already received an email inviting you to "Agree to Participate" on a funding proposal that was created in eBridge.

  1. After logging in to eBridge, select "My Home" from the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Make sure you have "Proposal Team" selected from the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Select the funding proposal name from "My Inbox".
  4. Select "Agree to Participate" activity from the left navigation.
  5. In the pop-up box there will be two selections to indicate agreement.
  6. To complete the activity scroll to the bottom and select OK.
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 If the PDO "Requests Changes", does the funding proposal require re-approval by the BS, PDA and DivO?

If the PDO ‘requests changes,’ the funding proposal changes to the state “Changes Requested by PDO.  When the PI submits these changes, the FP goes back to the state of “Primary Department Official Review.”  It does not go back through the BS, DivO and PDA for re-approval. 

BS = Budget Specialist
PDA = Primary Department Administrator
DivO = Division Official

PDO = Primary Department Official

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 Why a five business day deadline for submitting funding proposals to the Grants and Contracts office?

MCW Corporate Policy # RS.GC.030

MCW holds to a framework in which the funding proposal/grant is due in the Grants & Contracts office five days prior to the sponsor's deadline.  The software design was based on MCW’s existing business practices and compliance needs.  If the funding proposal/grant is not received in a timely way by the Grants office (five business days prior to the grant deadline), MCW cannot assure it will be reviewed prior to the grant's deadline.  Note: The five business day review period is consistent with many other institutions. 

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 Why isn't my cost center included on the list on Page T of the Funding Proposal SmartForm?

The list of cost centers is updated daily from Oracle. If you cannot find the cost center you are looking for, contact Sponsor Programs.

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