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eBridge FAQ - Researcher Profile

 Where can I view my research compliance training records?

Training and qualification records for researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin are maintained within an individual's Researcher Profile in eBridge. There are four areas that Researcher Profile currently tracks: 1) Animal Training focusing on the Core Certification components and technical skills required for working with animals in research; 2) Compliance Training that tracks Financial Conflict of Interest status for funding applications; 3) Safety Training that tracks courses such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Laboratory Chemical Safety, DOT/IATA Packaging and Shipping; and 4) CITI Training for Human Subject Research. The data reflected is auto-populated into eBridge applications as needed for checking for compliance. The Office of Research maintains and updates accounts to help researchers know when they need to refresh their training or the training of their staff. Every eBridge account has a Researcher Profile.

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 How do I access my Researcher Profile?

Log in to eBridge and you will find the link to your Researcher Profile from the following areas:

  1. If you are in the Proposal Team role, look in the center area of My Home. Selecting the link takes you directly to your Researcher Profile Workspace.
  2. If you are in the Study Staff role, look in the left navigation area under My Home Pages. The section My Training has a link to your Researcher Profile Workspace.
  3. Regardless of your role, you will also have a Researcher Profile tab in the upper, green area of the screen, along with tabs for Human Submissions, Animal SubmissionsFunding Proposals, and IBC Safety. From this link you can view a list of all Researcher Profiles to which you have been given access (only if another person has granted you access), including your own. Select the Profile you want and the link will take you to that Profile's Workspace.

My Home is the page that you first land on after logging in and you can navigate to it from anywhere in eBridge by selecting the My Home link in the upper right area of the screen.

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 How do I add a training course to my Researcher Profile?

If you complete a course here at MCW, your Researcher Profile will be updated by the appropriate Office of Research business unit. If you have any questions, you can get help from the sources below.

  • For training that relates to your animal research, contact IACUCAdmin@mcw.edu.
  • For safety compliance, such as rDNA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Laboratory Chemical Safety, etc., contact safetyinfo@mcw.edu.
  • For FCOI-R (Financial Conflict of Interest in Research) training, contact Help-eBridge@mcw.edu.
  • For Human Research Projects training (CITI), contact vhohlfeld@mcw.edu.
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 Does Researcher Profile notify me when my training is going to expire?

YES! You will receive email notifications at varying intervals prior to your training expiring. If you are not receiving the notifications you think you should see, please log in to eBridge and navigate to your Researcher Profile. Look at the tabs on your Profile Workspace. If you don't see a category, such as Animal Training, Compliance Training, or Safety Training, and you know you need to track your training in that area, please contact the related Office of Research business unit:

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 Who has access to my Researcher Profile?

Your Researcher Profile can be accessed by yourself, the IACUC Office if you are active in animal research, the Safety Coordinator for Environmental Health and Safety if your job requires any type of safety related training, the Compliance Office for Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research (FCOI-R), and any individual to whom you choose to grant access. For assistance with managing your Researcher Profile, please contact the eBridge Help Desk, Help-eBridge@mcw.edu, or (414) 955-8476.

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