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eBridge Guides - Animal Submissions

Scroll down and click on the link to view an instructional document related to each activity. These guides are general and not specific to a type of research.


Logging in to eBridge

The eBridge system is connected to the MCW secure network, and can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet connectivity

Change Requests - Animal Submissions

eBridge will send an automated email notification when changes have been requested by reviewers of your animal submission – Animal Use Application (AUA), 3-Year de novo Renewal AUA, Animal Amendment (AA), or Annual Renewal (AR).


Animal Use Application (AUA) - Create

A step-by-step guide to get you started with your Animal Use Application (AUA).


Edit Study Access and Notifications

To add an individual to an approved Animal Use Application (AUA) in eBridge who will NOT be involved in the care and use of the animals, but who needs access to the eBridge AUA Workspace, please follow the steps listed below.


Workflow States for Animal Submissions

An explanation of the review process - start to finish, including a table that provides a summary of the various "states" of an eBridge animal submission and the activities associated with them.

Three Year de Novo Renewal AUA

A step by step guide to get you started with your 3-Year de novo Renewal AUA.


Animal Amendment (AA) - Create

A step by step guide to get you started with your Animal Amendment (AA).


Copying an AUA or Creating a Template

It is possible to copy an entire Animal Use Application (AUA) for use in generating a new study (or multiple studies).

Departmental Report for Animal Submissions

Instructions for accessing and interpreting the eBridge IACUC Departmental Report for PDAs.

Linking an AUA to a Funding Proposal

Instructions on linking an AUA to a Funding Proposal Budget.


Technical Skills - Animal - Documenting in Researcher Profile

A step-by-step guide to updating your Researcher Profile technical skills.

Locating a Submission Not Listed in "My Inbox"

A Committee Member may need to locate an Animal Use Application (AUA), Animal Amendment (AA), or Annual Renewal (AR) as part of a review.

Annual Renewal (AR) - Animal Submissions

A step by step guide to get you started with your Annual Renewal (AR).


Reviewer Notes - Anmal Submissions

During the course of reviewing an animal submission – Animal Use Application (AUA), 3-Year de novo Renewal AUA, Animal Amendment (AA), or Annual Renewal (AR), IACUC reviewers may require clarification or correction to the submission before rendering a final decision.

Filtering Options in the SmartForm

eBridge users have several “Filtering Options” that are available for all eBridge modules. You can filter not only by “text”, but also by “dates”, “date with a time” and “comparison operators” such as greater than, less than and/or equal to.

View Differences - Animal Submissions

The purpose of the "View Differences" activity is to provide you with views of the modified SmartForm so you may quickly identify the changes to the form as well as the responses to the Reviewer Notes.

Guide to the Redesigned Animal Use Application SmartForm

The redesigned Animal Use Application (AUA) SmartForm went live in December 2012. To refresh your understanding of the affects of the redesign, please refer to:

eBridge Procedure Guide for Animal Submissions

Each "Guide", to the left, displays an icon that is labeled with those roles for which the instruction is relevant. The abbreviations used in eBridge, and the corresponding role name, are listed below.

Committee Member

IACUC Coordinator

Principal Investigator

Study Staff

Designated Member Reviewer


All Roles


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Research Systems Training


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