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eBridge Procedure Guides - Funding Proposals

Scroll down and select the link to view an instructional document related to each activity necessary to complete a Funding Proposal - these guides are general and not specific to any type of proposal. 

Significant Financial Interest (SFI)
Select the link above for instructions to
complete the "Description of SFI" form.


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Agree to Participate Instructions - Funding Proposals

Instructions for the Principal Investigator (PI) and Other Faculty and Staff (OFS) to complete the activity "Agree to Participate".

FCOI-R Training Record Display

How a PI's Financial Conflict of Interest-Research (FCOI-R) training record displays in eBridge.

Agree to Participate Instructions to Remove Personnel

Send Agree to Participate Instruction to Other Faculty and Staff (OFS).

Forward Completed Application to DivO/PDO

Instructions for the Principal Investigator (PI) to submit the application by completing the activity "Forward Completed Application to DivO/PDO".

Approve Center Affiliation

Instructions for the "Center Approver" to complete the activity "Approve Center Affiliation".

Funding Proposal - Creating New

Steps for creating a new funding proposal in eBridge.

Approve Resources

Instructions for the Primary Department Approver (PDA) to complete the activity "Approve Resources".

Funding Proposal - Prepare for Submission

Steps to take prior to submitting a funding proposal.

Budget - Funding Proposal - Create New

Creating and editing a budget in a Funding Proposal.

Funding Proposal - Removing Personnel

In the Funding Proposal, Page A, Question #6 reads – “Are there other MCW or Non-MCW Personnel associated with this Funding Proposal who will be included on the budget?”

Budget - Funding Proposal - Page W Personnel

Page W is where you enter all salary and effort information for those on your budget. This instruction explains how the numbers are calculated in eBridge.

Funding Proposal - Searching For

How to search for a Funding Proposal.

Budget - Funding Proposal - Searching For

How to search for a Funding Proposal Budge.

Hide Show Errors

Using the "Hide/Show Errors" feature in a funding proposal SmartForm to verify that all required questions have been answered.

Budget - Subcontract - Funding Proposal

Steps to create a Subcontract Budget in a Funding Proposal.

JIT Requests from Sponsor - Funding Proposals

How to complete "JIT" and "Change Requests" from a Sponsor.

Budget - Subcontract - Searching For

How to search for a Funding Proposal Subcontract Budget.

Linking a PRO to a Funding Proposal Budget

When linking a Human Research Protocol (PRO) to a Funding Proposal (Grants & Contracts) budget within eBridge, you are identifying a funding source for your research.

Choosing an Oracle Cost Center

Page T, Question 4.0 of the budget SmartForm asks for the Oracle Cost Center.

Linking an AUA to a Funding Proposal Budget

When linking an Animal Use Application (AUA) to a Funding Proposal (Grants & Contracts) budget within eBridge, you are identifying a funding source for your research.

Compensation Schedule - Changing

Only the Primary Department Administrator (PDA) can create/change a Compensation Schedule.

Logging In

Review the "Logging In" process from both on site and off site.

Continuations, Renewals, Resubmissions, Revisions

Additional resources for supporting Researchers and staff in using eBridge to complete funding proposals.

Primary Department Official Approves the Application

Steps to take for the Primary Department Official (PDO) to complete the "Approves the Application" activity in a funding proposal.

Division Official Approve the Application

Steps for the Division Official (DivO) to "Approve the Application" (Funding Proposal).

Reconcile Award - Funding Proposals

If the award amount is different than the proposed amount, the funding proposal will go to the “Awarded Pending Reconciliation” state.

Email Approve Affiliation Instructions to CA - Funding Proposals

Complete the activity "Send Approve Affiliation Instructions".

Roles and Functions for Funding Proposals

Review the Roles and Functions for Funding Proposals

Email PDA Notification - Funding Proposal

How to complete the activity "Send PDA Notification".

View SF424 to Generate a Completed SF424

View SF424 to generate a completed SF424 Application.

eBridge Procedure Guide for Funding Proposals

Each "Guide", to the left, displays an icon that is labeled with those roles for which the instruction is relevant. The abbreviations used in eBridge, and the corresponding role name, are listed below.

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator & Other Faculty and Staff

Budget Specialist

Primary Department Administrator

Division Official

Primary Department Official

Grants & Contracts Office

Center Administrator

Authorized Organizational Representative


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