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Page L, Compliance - Validations

In eBridge Funding Proposals, Page L, Compliance, Question L 1.0, has options from which to select. If you select the Safety Committee, then you will also have to select one of the 3 choices in Question L 1.1. Question L 1.1 has a new item "Other". The system will validate on this at the time the Budget Specialist (BS) forwards the reconciled award to the Primary Department Administrator (PDA), and also when the PDA forwards the reconciled award to the Grants & Contracts Office (GCO). If Safety Committee in L 1.0 is checked and Other is selected in L 1.1, then the FP moves to the state Awarded Pending Safety/Hazardous Agents Approval.

This corrects an error happening when a user chose Safety Committee, Question L 1.0, and then nothing in Question L 1.1. It caused a FP to not progress to the proper state. Please contact the eBridge Help Desk, Help-eBridge@mcw.edu, for questions.

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