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eBridge Guides - Funding Proposals

Select the technical resource materials listed below that are organized by your role in eBridge. If there is a specific resource that you require and do not find in this section, please contact Research Systems Training.

Step-by-Step Guides

  • A "how to" guide for specific activities that you may need to complete when submitting a funding proposal application.

Resources for All eBridge Members

For Federal NIH Funding Proposals:

Guide - Continuations (pdf) 1/17/11 

Quick Reference - Continuations (pdf) 1/17/11

Guide - Conversion Renewals (pdf) 6/4/11

Quick Reference - Conversion Renewals (pdf) 6/4/11

Guide - Renewals (pdf) 6/4/11

Quick Reference - Renewals (pdf) 6/4/11

Guide - Resubmissions (pdf) 4/23/10

Quick Reference - Resubmissions (pdf) 4/23/10

Guide - Revisions (pdf) 1/17/11

Quick Reference - Revisions (pdf) 1/17/11

Other Resources:

eBridge Workflow for Funding Proposals (pdf) 12/21/13

eBridge Submission Process for Funding Proposals (pdf) 1/17/14


Resources for Primary Dept. Administrators

Compensation Schedule (Online) (6/12/12)

Base Salary Calculations (pdf) (11/20/12) 

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