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Where our Residents have gone...

Class Of 2013
Ope Daramola, MD - rhinology fellowship, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
Kelli Rudman, MD - private practice, Omaha, Nebraska
Matthew Sitton, MD – pediatric otolaryngology fellowship, Texas Children’s Hospital - Baylor College of Medicine, Houston,Texas

Class of 2012
Susan Fulmer, MD – private practice, Upstate New York
Sung-Won Kim, MD – private practice, Olympia, Washington
Sachin Pawar, MD – facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship, Oregon Health & Science University – returned to an academic practice at MCW in 2013 

Class of 2011
Kenny Carter, Jr., MD
– private practice, Dallas, Texas
Nidhi Gupta, MD –head and neck fellowship, University of Cincinnati – academic practice, Albert Einstein School of Medicine, New York, New York
John Nash, MD – private practice, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Class of 2010
David Hartemink,MD
– private practice, Denver, Colorado
Brian McMullin, MD – private practice, Houston, Texas
Ericka King, MD – pediatric otolaryngology fellowship, University of Michigan – academic practice, Oregon Health & Science University

Class of 2009
Arun Badi, MD
– private practice, Dallas, Texas
Christopher Cederberg, MD – private practice, Lincoln, Nebraska
Nima Shemirani, MD – facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship, Glasgold Group, Highland Park, New Jersey – private practice, Beverly Hills, California


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