Safety Training in D2L

Computer-based safety training is located on MCW's new Learning Management System (LMS), called Desire2Learn, or D2L.  If possible, use the browser Firefox when accessing D2L.  A D2L icon link is available from the InfoScope home page.

Every MCW employee has a D2L account and is accessed by your MCW network username and password. If you have trouble logging in, please contact

Once you log in, If the safety course you need is not listed under "My Courses", contact  The following EHS safety courses are available:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Researchers
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Clinicians (MCW only)
  • Laboratory Chemical Safety
  • rDNA for Researchers
  • Shipping Biological Materials
    • Shipping Biological Materials Awareness
    • Category A Materials
    • Category B Materials
    • Genetically Modified Organisms
    • Dry Ice
    • Dry Liquid Nitrogen
    • Exempt Patient Specimens
    • Used Health Care Products
  • MRI Safety Training (contact Julie Peay,

5/31/14 eBridge Funding Proposal Update

Modular Offset

The May 31st, 2014, eBridge production patch includes an enhancement to the Modular Offset functionality. This change allows users to view more readily that they have exceeded the modular maximum limit ($250,000).  When entering NIH Modular Budgets into eBridge, the term "OVER" will display when the Total Direct minus Subcontract F&A exceeds the maximum module level of $250,000.  This warning appears in two places:

  • Page AH, Modular Offset.
  • In the Budget Summary area at the top of each Budget Grid page.

This new warning is specifically designed for Modular Budgets with the $250,000 maximum. eBridge will NOT display "OVER" if the NIH opportunity has a modular limitation that is less than $250,000, such as for a R03 or R21 budget.  To understand the modular limits for specific application types, please consult the RFA/RFP instructions for the specific NIH opportunity to which you are applying.

4/12/2014 eBridge Production Patch

Effective April 12, 2014, several enhancements, updates, and/or changes were made in the eBridge production patch. 

Elimination of Animal Ordering and Animal Maintenance Pages from Funding Proposal Budget and Subaward Budget SmartForms

The April 12th eBridge Production Patch includes the removal of Pages AA and AB, Animal Ordering and Maintenance, respectively, from both the primary Budget and Subaward Budget SmartForms.  For existing funding proposal budgets, the data from these pages will be migrated to Page Y, Supplies.  For new budgets in eBridge, enter animal costs on Page Y using the appropriate expenditure type: 603200 Animal Acquisition; 603250 Animal Care; 631300 Animal Food; or 603260 Fish Ecosystem.

Change of Functionality in Page AC, Travel

The line item calculations of the cost per person per trip will be removed from Page AC, Travel. The calculating function was rarely used, with most eBridge users opting to enter the total cost.  Going forward, select the appropriate travel expenditure type from the drop-down, enter a descriptor (required) and the total cost per period.

Changes to Accommodate Non-Human Subjects Research

Pages L and Q in the funding proposal SmartForms will be updated to accommodate the determination and justification that research involving human data and/or biological specimens is, in fact, non-human subjects research.  The SF424 Application Guide directs that “[i]f your proposed research involves the use of human data and/or biological specimens, you must provide a justification for your claim that no human subjects are involved in the protection of Human Subjects section of the Research Plan.” This justification should be added on page Q, question 2.1 in eBridge.

The changes on Page L will add the new compliance category to Question 1.0: “Non-Human Subjects Research with human data and/or biological specimens.”  The selection of this category will require the upload of the IRB determination letter at Question 1.2.  When the funding proposal is for an NIH SF424 application (i.e. Page C, Question 6.0 = Yes), then Page Q, Question 2.1 will become a required attachment.

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Help Desk Tips

To better serve you and to expedite the request process, please have available the following information prior to contacting the Help Desk. You will receive a response to your initial inquiry within four hours (during standard business hours).

SmartForm ID: What is the ID Number?

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  • Animal Submissions ID (AUA, AA, AR)
  • Funding Proposal ID (FP, BU)
  • IBC Applications ID (IBCYear#)

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