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eBridge FAQ - Animal Submissions

 How do I copy an AUA or make an AUA into a Template? (For PIs only)

A short Guide for copying or creating a template is located on the Animal Submissions Procedure Guide.

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 Where can I look up my training records in eBridge?

Training and qualification records for researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin are maintained within an individual's Researcher Profile in eBridge. There is a tab titled Animal Training within an individual Researcher Profile focusing on the Core Certification components required for working with animals in research. The data reflected is auto-populated into each Animal Use Application (AUA) that a researcher or staff is listed on. The IACUC Office maintains the record and is updated daily. For more information about eBridge Researcher Profile, visit its FAQ page.

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 Who has access to my Researcher Profile?

Your Researcher Profile can be accessed by yourself, the IACUC Office, and any individual to whom you choose to grant access.

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 What is the difference between Full Committee Review and Designated Review?

By law, the IACUC is allowed to use either of two processes for reviewing animal use submissions:

  - Full Committee Review (FCR)

  - Designated Review (DR)

In the Full Committee Review process, the entire committee has the responsibility for reviewing a submission and rendering the final decision. For Designated Review, one committee member is assigned the review.

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 How will I know when I need to renew my AUA?

eBridge sends the PI and those on the contact list of an AUA an email reminder beginning at 90 days for:

  - Annual Renewal

  - 3 Year de novo Renewal

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