Epidemiology Data Resource Center

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Electronic data resources

The EDRC specializes in secondary data--existing data that were collected for a variety of purposes rather than to answer a specific research question. Such data include those collected from surveys, medical records, vital records, or the census. Most of our data are at the national level, although arranging access to data at other geographic levels is often possible. Our resources for electronic data include:

  • National Center for Health Statistics
  • U. S. Census Bureau
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Various other local, state, and national institutions

For a complete listing of electronic databases available from the EDRC, consult our data catalog.


Print resources

In addition to its electronic data collection, the EDRC also houses a collection of printed reports and publications as well as related reference material. Our print resources include:

  • Printed reports and publications from state and national institutions
  • Data provider catalogs
  • Directories of local and national data contact people and institutions

For a listing of printed materials available from the EDRC, consult our print material catalog.

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