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    National Disaster Life Support Regional Training Center

    National Disaster Life Support (NDLS) is a nationally-recognized curriculum intended to provide allied healthcare professionals with a foundation of knowledge and skills to care for patients during disasters and mass casualty events. The NDLS suite of courses have been designed by national experts and is endorsed by the American Medical Association and medical professional associations.

    MIMAP includes an authorized NDLS Regional Training Center. This training center offers certified NDLS faculty drawn from experts at Medical College of Wisconsin and numerous public and private agencies in southeastern Wisconsin.


    Current Course Offering:

    Basic Disaster Life Support Course (BDLS) - Friday, November 11, 2011 (registration closed)

    Pre-registration is required.  Registration deadline is November 3, 2011. 

    BDLS is an 8-hour course, and is part of the National Disaster Life Support (NDLS) suite of courses intended to provide allied health professionals, healthcare administrators, emergency services, and public health officials with a foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare for and respond to large scale medical events.

    This course is offered in association with Froedtert Health, and the National Disaster Life Support Foundation, and is funded through an Urban Area Security Initiative grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Contact Carrie Froemming (414-805-9923) with questions.



    Our course library includes:

    Core Disaster Life Support
    The Core Disaster Life Support (CDLS) course gives healthcare providers, administrators, and emergency responders with a basic overview of the principles behind managing natural and man-made disasters. Topics covered in this half-day course include incident management and natural, biological, chemical, radiological, and explosive hazards.

    Basic Disaster Life Support
    The Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS) course builds on the foundation of the core course by covering the clinical management of patients involved in disaster, mass casualty, and special incidents. Healthcare providers and emergency responders will learn about clinical recognition, diagnosis, and management of mass casualties, biological and chemical agents, radiologic and nuclear threats, and explosions. BDLS is a day-long course.

    Advanced Disaster Life Support
    The Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS) two-day course offers emergency responders and healthcare providers more in-depth training in disaster and mass casualty medical care. ADLS combines workshops, small group discussion, simulation, and exercises to allow students to apply the knowledge gained in CDLS and BDLS.

    For information on the next NDLS course, or to inquire about holding a course at your institution, please contact Jason Liu, MD, MPH.



    NDLSF Regional Training Center Certificate (PDF)

    View photos from the Advanced Disaster Life Support Course we held on December 6, 2008.