Emergency Medicine

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Senior Resident Scholarly Activity Projects

Class of 2011

Abernathy D, Callahan E: Mobile Flashcards as a Study Tool for Emergency Medicine Residents. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Ames B, Hargarten SW: Recurrent Hypotension. Andersen A, Phelan MB: Anton's Syndrome: A Rare Presentation of Stroke.

Deluhery MR, Lerner EB, Pirrallo RG, Schwartz RB: Evaluation of County-Wide Mass Casualty Triage Training and Fourth Month Retention. (Presented at the 2010 Research Forum)

Garcia E, Callahan E, Rehm J: Talk Louder.

Hammond J, Crowe C: Assessing the Effectiveness of Teaching Triage via Computer-Based Technologies in Sub-Saharan African Accident and Emergency Centers.

Rezmer J, Begaz T, Treat R, Tews M: Impact of Group Size on the Effectiveness of a Resuscitation Simulation Curriculum for Medical Students. (Presented at the 2010 Research Forum)

Sayre S, Decker MC: Goal‐Directed Therapy for Septic Shock Pathway Compliance: Provider Perception Compared with Clinical Outcome Data.


Class of 2010

Cardina A, Hindle D, Lerner EB: Determining Follow-up Stress Test Rates of Discharged ED Patients – A Retrospective Study.

DeWall J, Colella MC: Severe Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: an evidence-based approach.

Finkle D, Lerner EB, Petroll T: Emergency Department Referrals for HIV Testing: A Viable Strategy? (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Karrick A, Hargarten SW, Lerner EB: The Emergency Care Delivery System in Wisconsin.

Lundh C, Kenny A: Painless Aortic Dissection Presenting as Altered Mental Status and Respiratory Distress.

McMillian T, Kostic M: Bladder Outlet Obstruction Leading to Renal Failure and Uremia.

Northway S, Begaz T: Chancroid in an HIV negative woman in the Midwestern US: A Case Report and Literature Review.


Class of 2009

Gedraitis J, Phelan MB: An Unusual Presentation of a High-Pressure Injection Injury Involving a Molten Substance.

Green E, Lutes M: Exchanging the King LT – D for an Endotracheal Tube using a Flexible Fiber Optic Bronchoscope.

Leib M, Treat R, Phelan MB: Limited Transabdominal Ultrasound Versus Standard Handheld Doppler for Assessment of Fetal Cardiac Activity: A Comparison of Physician Satisfaction.

Meister AN, Callahan EP: Injuries and EMS Responses in Wisconsin State Parks: 2006-2007. (Winner: Career Development Award)

Nolan S, Hindle D: Young Man with Left-Sided Jaw Swelling.

Van Heukelom J, Begaz T, Treat R: Comparison of Post-Simulation Debriefing Versus Ongoing Feedback in Medical Simulation. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Weiss AM, Lutes M: Bag-Valve Mask Ventilation.

Zils S, Lerner EB, Pirrallo RG: Milwaukee Are You Ready? Personal Disaster Preparedness Among Emergency Department Patients.


Class of 2008

Deisz R, Callahan E: Recreational Injuries at Devil’s Lake State Park.

Mullin JK, Cady CE: The Efficacy of a 6mg bolus of Adenosine in the Prehospital Treatment of Paroxysmal Supraventricular tachycardia.

Schweinsberg B, Lutes M: Guide to Capnography Interpretation for Procedural Sedation.

Slawter(Kenny) A, Lutes M: Emergency Airway Management In the Pregnant Patient.

Streckert MD, Hargarten SW: Emergency Medicine: The Next Global Specialty?

Tumpach E, Lutes M, Lerner EB, Ford D, Andrews S: King LT vs Combitube: Flight Crew Performance and Preference. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Wince T, Callahan E, Rehm J, Bragg D: The Latino Patient: What Do Emergency Medicine Residents Know?

Womak S, Sharpless P, Hindle D: Implementation of Central Venous Access Curriculum for First Year Emergency Medicine Residents.


Class of 2007

Berger M, Cardoni AL, Cady CE: A Case of an Irreducible Knee Dislocation.

Cardoni AL, Cady CE: Factors Affecting Decision to Transport Cardiac Arrest Patients in Milwaukee County.

Ford D, Lutes M, Tumpach E: Evaluation of King LT Compared to the Combitube as a Rescue Airway Device by Aeromedical Personnel.

Larsen N, Lutes M: Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest: A Review of the Literature.

Leib A, Lutes ML: Book Chapter: "Procedural Sedation and Analgesia." In: Quick Glance Emergency Medicine.

Radke C, Andrews S: CPR and Air Medical Transport: How Often is CPR Performed within the Helicopter?

Sorrentino DA, Decker MC: Implementation of Early Goal Directed Therapy for Septic Shock in the Emergency Department of Froedtert Hospital. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Stiles A, DeBehnke D: The Effect of Point-of-Care Troponin on Emergency Department Length of Stay.


Class of 2006

Beutler S, Leschke R: Development and Validation of a Clinical Examination Using Standardized Patients for the Senior Emergency Medicine Rotation.

Butler JK, Hall H: Pan-American Collaborative in Emergency Medicine (PACEMD) and MedSpanish: a successful model for international emergency medicine development. (Winner: Career Development Award)

Heinzen Jim K, Callahan E, Grall K: A Cultural Competency Curriculum for Emergency Medicine: Latino Culture. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Johnson AM: Field Amputation Training and Deployment Module.

Kenny G, Lutes M: Book Chapter: "Airway management." In: Quick Glance Emergency Medicine.

Lipski T, Phelan MB: Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound.

Makowski AL, Lindgren K, Lock JP: Evaluation of the Visual Side Effects of Scopolamine-Dextroamphetamine in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Program. (Winner: Best Overall Presentation)

Swanson RC, Donley K, Baute M: Public Health Needs Assessment in Manga, Mozambique.


Class of 2005

Busse K, Callahan E: SAEM Photo Competition Submission: Diagnostic Dilemma: Weights Gone Wild.

DeMasi M, Hargarten SW: Injury Profiles and Safety Recommendations for Five Martial Arts Styles: A Literature Review. (Winner: Best Scholarly Activity Presentation, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of ACEP)

Greer J, Cady CE: Scene Times in Three-Paramedic versus Two-Paramedic Staffed Ambulances.

Pollard M: Junior Medical Students’ Ability to Retain Knowledge of ACLS Rhythms.

Pope B, Sharpless P: Acute Flank Pain after Binge Drinking and Ibuprofen Use: A Case Presentation. Severson C: Emergency Department Length of Stay after a Process Change.

Stern K, Sharpless P: Validity Study of Emergency Medicine Rotation Final Examination. (Winner: Best Resident Presentation)

Wheeler III AR: Hospital Protocol for Treatment of Hypothermia.

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