Emergency Medicine

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Letters of Recommendation

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Emergency Medicine is proud to provide letters of recommendation for those students pursuing a residency in Emergency Medicine who rotate with us.  Emergency Medicine programs across the country complete a standardized, composite letter of recommendation called the Standard Letter of Evaluation(SLOE).  This is different from what other specialties offer and is an important part of the Emergency Medicine application.   The final letters are agreed upon by the education leaders in the department, however one physician is chosen to serve as the primary author of the narrative portions.

The academic year primary authors for 2013-2014 are:

Tom Aufderheide, MD Assistant Director Research
Edward Callahan, MD, MS, Residency Program Director
Colleen Crowe, MD, MPH, Associate Program Director
Alicia Pilarski, DO, Assistant Program Director
Matthew Tews, DO, M3 Rotation Director, Undergraduate Medical Student Education Director
Philip Sharpless, MD, M4 Rotation Director

Students are welcome to solicit individual letters of recommendation in the SLOE format from any EM faculty members of their choosing.  Non-EM faculty would complete a traditional, written letter of recommendation when providing a letter supporting a student applying to EM.

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