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CHaMP Research Education

The CHaMP Research Node of PECARN is pleased to offer a complete lecture series to help guide potential investigators in developing and conducting prehospital research projects. 

Developing a Research Question

This presentation examines the origin of research ideas and provides a step-by-by step tutorial to develop a high-quality research question.  Topics covered include what makes a good research question, identifying a suitable research question’s key components, and the construction of a research question using the PICO method.

Developing a Research Question from Medical College on Vimeo.


Human Subjects Research in EMS: An Ethical Overview

This presentation discusses human subject protections and examines ethical challenges in EMS research.  Topics covered include how to conduct EMS-related studies and a review of the Emergency Exception from Informed Consent regulations.  


Dissemination of Findings

This video examines why dissemination of findings is important, as well as describing ways to disseminate research results. Viewers learn where to submit their work and explore key elements of a scientific presentation or publication.




Additional lectures are currently in development.  If you want to be notified when new lectures are available, please like us on our CHaMP EMS Research Node Center Facebook page or check back at this site.

For more information on CHaMP, please check out our main CHaMP Web site.

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