Emergency Medicine

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Milwaukee Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC)

Amiodarone (PM101), Lidocaine or Neither for Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Due to Ventricular Fibrillation or Tachycardia (ALPS)


To determine if survival to hospital discharge after shock-resistant VF/pulseless VT cardiac arrest is significantly improved with early therapeutic administration of either of the commonly used antiarrhythmic medications (amiodarone or lidocaine/placebo option).

There are approximately a half million cardiac arrests which occur in the United States each year. Nearly two thirds or about 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital. In Milwaukee County, there are about 800 cardiac arrests which occur each year.


ALPS IRB Approved Risk Benefit Public Announcement (PDF)

Opt-Out Bracelets
If you do not wish to participate in this study, an opt-out bracelet is available for your use. Simply wear the opt-out bracelet. Healthcare providers will not enter you in the study

Contact Information
For any information about the study or to reach Dr. Tom Aufderheide; (414) 805-6493, or email RRC@MCW.EDU



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