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2014 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/8/14 "Indecision Leads to Indecision" Robert Lane, MD, MS
2/18/14 "College Planning Strategies" Catherine Burdick
4/1/14 6th Annual Kathy Sheehan Lectureship "Knives, Knaves, and Knights - Operating in the E-Ring" Karen Guice, MD, MPP
3/18/14 "Update on MCW Medical Student Curriculum: How do we teach to learn and how do we learn to teach?" William Hueston, MD
4/21/14 "How to Make You Work for Your Patients and not EPIC? Solutions for a full inbox" Paul Knudson, MD;
Michael Schatzman, MD; Jamie Silkey, PA-C
5/7/14 "Engaging Industry in Research Collaborations" William Clarke, MD; Mitchell Grayson, MD; Cheryl Hillery, MD; Brian Volkman, PhD
5/28/14 "2013 Faculty Promotion and Retention Survey" Elizabeth Ellinas, MD; Nadya Fouad, PhD, ABPP
6/4/14 "Exploring Effective Teaching Techniques in the Discovery Curriculum" Nancy Havas, MD; David Mattson, PhD; Matthew Tews, DO
9/17/14 "The Promotion Process: Role of the Rank and Tenure Committee" Jeffrey Whittle, MD
10/21/14 "Postpartum Mood Disorders" Jessica Rock MD
11/12/14 "The Thoughtful Home" Dia Boyle, MSL


2013 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/17/13 "Smashing the Glass Ceiling" Patricia Brigman and Mary Hill Leahy
2/18/13 "Affordable Care Act"
Impact of Healthcare Reform Legislation
Government & Community Relations
Sherri DuCharme-White
Kathryn Kuhn
Sarah Cohn, JD
Joyce Nurenberg
4/16/13 5th Annual Kathy Sheehan Lectureship "Cultivating Leadership Excellence Through Ideal Health & Well-Being" Donna Arnett, PhD, MSPH
5/2/13 "Surviving Stress through Self Care" Heidi Christianson, PhD
10/3/13 "The Promotion Process: Role of the Rank & Tenure Committee" Joseph Layde, MD, JD
11/22/13 "Diversity Issues and Different Cultures in Medicine" Dawn Bragg, PhD
12/4/13 "Declutter Today for a Carefree Tomorrow" Kathi Miller


2012 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/17/12 "Relaxation Strategies: An Experiential Seminar on Methods to Decrease Stress" Heidi Christianson, PhD
1/30/12 WFC/FCDC Leadership Development Series: "Crucial Conversations" Mary Beth Peterson, MSN, RN
2/22/12 "Leading Effective Meetings"
 Presentation Powerpoint
 Presentation Handouts
Kimara Ellefson
3/27/12 4th Annual Kathy Sheehan Lectureship: "The Culture of Academic Medicine" Linda Pololi, MBBS
4/5/12 "Delaying Parenthood for Your Career: What Are the Fertility Options?" Estil Strawn, Jr., MD
5/9/12 WFC/FCDC Leadership Development Series: "Leveraging the Power of Mentoring Across Differences" Dr. Belle Ragins
6/5/12 "Implications for Women in Academic Medicine" Angela Byers Winston and Nadya Fouad
8/7/12 WFC/FCDC Leadership Development Series: "Great Beginning and Necessary Endings" Daniel DeBehnke, MD
Marc Gorelick, MD
Kimara Ellefson
Sarah Cohn, JD
Katherine Kassulke
9/17/12 WFC/FCDC Leadership Development Series: "Pathways to Conflict Management" Alonzo Walker, MD
Peter Layde, MD, MSc
Alan David, MD
Sarah Cohen, JD
Katherine Kassulke
9/26/12 "The Promotion Process: Role of the Rank and Tenure Committee" Joseph Layde, MD, JD
11/27/12 WFC/FCDC Leadership Development Series: "Servant-Leadership What's in it for us?" Dr. David Howell
12/3/12 "Leadership Secrets for Women: How Attitude, Appearance, Body Language and Speech Can Affect Your Success" Sheila Moore, MD, FACR


2011 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/18/11 "Social Media" Sara Meaney
2/24/11 3rd Kathy Sheehan Lectureship: "Words of Wisdom in Medicine and Science" Rosalie Crouch, PhD
3/22/11 M1/M2 Dinner  
4/5/11 "Academic Mentoring in a Complex and Diverse World" John Raymond, MD
4/28/11 "How to Fit Meditation Into a Busy Life" Thim Nanda, MD
5/16/11 Graduate Student Luncheon: Panel Discussion  
5/18/11 Panel Discussion: "Women as Leaders in our Community: Getting There, Staying There, and Effecting Change" Linda Mellowes Immediate Past Chairman, MCW Board of Trustees; Gail Lione President, Harley-Davidson, Inc. Foundation; Betsy Brenner Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
6/1/11 DSA - Come and Go Luncheon Cecilia Hillard, PhD
10/4/11 "Yes, Balance is Possible!" Liz Pollock, MBA, CFP
11/1/11 "The Promotion Process: Role of the Rank and Tenure Committee" Cecilia Hillard, PhD
11/15/11 "Negotiating the Academic Maze: Finding the Door to the Leadership Table" Patricia Donohoue, MD; Beth Drolet, MD
Karen Marcdante, MD; Mary Otterson, MD

2010 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/18/10 M1/M2 Dinner  
2/16/10 2nd Kathy Sheehan Lectureship: "How to get things done in the midst of chaos" Susan Johnson, MD, MS
3/11/10 "Death by Powerpoint" Carlyle Chan, MD
4/21/10 "Discovering What (and Who) You Love is the Key to Academic Success" Laura Roberts, MD
5/11/10 "The Top 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Going Out Into the World" David Seal, PhD,
Jo Weis, PhD
Leah Solberg Woods, PhD
5/25/10 Graduate Student Luncheon K. Sue Kehl, Ann McDonald, Jean Baker
6/29/10 DSA Luncheon  
10/18/10 "Preparing for Promotion: Advice from the R&T Committee" Cecilia Hillard, PhD
11/9/10 "An Introductory Overview of Funds in a Private Medical School" Marjorie Spencer, CFO, MCW
11/18/10 Come and Go Gathering  
12/20/10 "Conflict Resolution: Bargaining Styles and Successful Negotiation" Craig Porter, MD
Alan David, MD

2009 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/3/09 "Finding a Niche, Crafting a Career" Paula Traktman, MD
3/5/09 "Using an Educators Portfolio to Teach Others About Your Excellence as an Educator" Deborah Simpson, PhD
4/21/09 "Work-Life Balance: A Panel Discussion" Candice Klug
Julie Mitchell, MD, MS, Leslie Gimenez,
Maria Crowe
5/8/09 1st Kathy Sheehan Lectureship: "Are we ready for a woman in charge?" Julie Frieschlag, Johns Hopkins
9/22/09 "Leadership Through Difficult Times" JoAnne Brandes
10/14/09 "MCW Rank and Tenure Process" Cecilia Hillard, PhD
11/1/09 Come & Go Luncheon  
11/12/09 "Facilitating Change: An Organized Approach" David E. Weissman, MD


2008 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/23/08 "Forget the Glass Ceiling: Why We Need to Redesign the Building for Women & Men" Ellen Bravo - UWM Professor
2/13/08 "Exploring Conflict Styles: How Do You Manage Conflict" Renee A. Meyers, PhD - UWM Professor
3/4/08 "Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child: How Not to be a Helicopter Parent" Jennifer Derenne, MD
4/21/08 "Work-Life Balance: A Panel Discussion" Julie Mitchell, MD, Leslie Gimenez, MD, Maria Crowe, PhD
5/13/08 "Career Management Strategies for Women" Susan Johnson, MD
9/16/08 "Preparing for Promotion" Karen Marcdante, MD
10/28/08 "Competency in Communication and Interpersonal Skills: It's Not Just for Residents Anymore" Carlyle Chan, MD
11/17/08 "Social Styles: A Key to Personal Effectiveness" Chris Butterfield


2007 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/30/07 "Panel Discussion on Work, Life and Balance" Diane Book, MD
Cheryl Stucky, PhD
Karen Brasel, MD
2/21/07 "Gender Bias in Scientific Review" Molly Carnes, MD, MS
3/13/07 "Professional Burnout! What is it? Who gets it? How can you avoid it?" Linda Blust, MD
4/18/07 "Writing Workshop - Early Career Academic Authors" Laura Roberts, MD
10/16/07 "Are Women More Compassionate?" Joan Cassell
11/13/07 "Preparing for Promotion: Advice from the Rank and Tenure Committee" Karen Marcdante, MD


2006 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
4/12/06 "Gender & Diversity in Mentoring Relationships" Belle Rose Ragins, PhD
5/2/06 "MCW Policies for Authorship" William Schmeling, MD, PhD
Carol Everson, PhD
9/19/06 "The Rank and Tenure Process: Hints and Kinks? Information on the New-Academic Clinician Pathway at MCW" Elizabeth Jacobs, MD
10/3/06 "The XX Files: Recruiting, Retaining and Advancing Women in Academia" Sandy Masur, PhD
10/3/06 "Breakfast with Sandy Masur and the WFC"  
11/28/06 "The Advancement of Women in Medicine and Science" WI Lieutenant General Governor - Barbara Lawt


2005 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/8/05 "Speaking Skills for Faculty" Jack Johnson, PhD
4/6/05 "What Does It Take to be a Department Chairman?" Paula Traktman, PhD
Laura Roberts, MD
4/25/05 "Women's Health Initiative - A Research Opportunity for You" Jane Kotchen, MD
Vanessa Barnabei, MD, PhD
Diane Kerwin, MD
5/4/05 "Gender Difference in Negotiations" Dr. Sarah Bonewits
9/28/05 "Rank and Tenure Process" Elizabeth Jacobs, MD
10/28/05 "Ordering Your World - Presentation About Finding Time in Your Day to Set Priorities and Creating Strategies for a Life Plan" Debbie Smith, MA
11/22/05 "Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings" Renee Myers, PhD
12/15/05 "Information Technology for Faculty: Nurturing the Inner Geek in All of Us" Caryle Chan, MD


2004 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/13/04 "Understanding Misunderstanding" Jack Johnson, PhD
2/18/04 "MCW Faculty Retirement Benefits" Donna Pierson
3/18/04 "Service to MCW Faculty Council Committees" Jerry Taylor, PhD
Marlene Melzer Lange, MD
Joe Layde, MD, JD
4/1/04 "Attaining a National Reputation" Deborah Simpson, PhD; Jeanne Seagard, PhD
5/19/04 "Achieving Work-Life Balance" Ann Nattinger, MD, MPH & Cecilia Hillard, PhD
10/12/04 "Rank & Tenure Process" Elizabeth Jacobs, MD
11/30/04 "Documenting Your Educational Contributions for Academic Promotions; Your CV" Deborah Simpson, PhD


2003 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
1/15/03 "Dealing with Aging Parent (at a distance)" Kari Klatt
2/19/03 "How to be a Mentor" Deborah Simpson, PhD
3/13/03 "Practical Advice for a Successful Career in Biomedical Research" Janice Burke, PhD
4/3/03 "Developing Your CV for the Promotion Process" Deborah Simpson, PhD
4/17/03 "Developing Your CV for the Promotion Process" Deborah Simpson, PhD
5/19/03 "Creating a Win/Win Situation With Your Chair" Karen Marcdante, MD
10/29/03 "Introduction to the IDP's" Russell Robertson, MD
Diane Braza, MD
Maria Crowe, PhD
11/13/03 "MCW Rank & Tenure Process" Nancy Rusch, PhD


2002 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/6/02 "Women's Health Initiative/NH Grant Experience" Jane Kotchen, MD
4/16/02 "Creating a Clinical Educator Portfolio" Deborah Simpson, PhD
5/23/02 "Competing for Grants: What's Behind (and in front of) MCW's Recent Success with NIH Joe Hill, PhD
10/17/02 "Investing in Turbulent Times" Mike Arnow, CPA
11/14/02 "Conflict Management in the Workplace" Renee Meyers


2001 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/15/01 "Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Communicating with Folks from Outer Space and Other Departments" Laura V. Page, MS
5/3/01 "Writing for Excellence and Speaking for Excellence" Paul Casella
5/25/01 "Creating an Educator Portfolio" Deborah Simpson, PhD
9/11/01 "Negotiating Your Career" Donna Van Wynsberghe, PhD
10/17/01 "Six Steps to Financial Independence" Mike Arnow, CPA
11/28/01 "MCW Rank and Tenure: Hints and Kinks" Michael Chusid, MD
12/4/01 "The HR Puzzle in Managing People - Fitting the Pieces Together" John Zubiena
Mary Hanneman
Kim Ellefson
Brenda Den


2000 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/23/00 "Advancing in Medicine: Why Men and Women Still Aren't Created Equal" Janet Bickel, MA
3/14/00 "MCW Benefit Options at Retirement" Donna Pierson
4/25/00 "Writing Scientific Papers" Chris McLaughlin
9/26/00 "Building a National Reputation" Ann Nattinger, MD
Jeanne Seagard, PhD
10/17/00 "Emotional Intelligence to Optimize Team Performance in Medicine" Michael Goldstein, PhD
11/16/00 "The Glue of Perception: Ethnography Looks at Medical (Non) Compliance" Sharon Hicks-Bartlett, PhD
12/6/00 "Preparing for Promotion" Deborah Simpson, PhD


1999 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/4/99 "Speaking at Grand Rounds" Cathy Coffin
3/25/99 "An Informal Lunch with Dr. Suzanne Oparil" Dr. Suzanne Oparil
4/20/99 "Financial Planning: Strategies for Planning a Successful Financial Plan" Deborah L. Lukovich, CFP
9/16/99 "Grants, Contracts and Intellectual Property" William Hendee, PhD
10/20/99 "Contracts: How to Negotiate an Effective Employment Agreement" Michael Levey, JD
12/9/99 "Promotion for Clinical Educators" Deborah Simpson, PhD
12/15/99 "Interpersonal Communication: Meaning & Misunderstanding" Laura Page, MS


1998 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
2/12/98 "Writing Grant Proposals"  
2/12/98 "Writing for Excellence" Paul Casella
2/13/98 "Speaking for Excellence" Paul Casella
2/13/98 "Presentation Skills"  
3/18/98 "Negotiating: An Invitation to the Dance" Irma Fiedler, PhD
4/24/98 "Conflict, Resolution and Communication" Joanna Spiro, EdD
5/11/98 "Estate Planning" Mark Poker
9/17/98 "When Cultures Clash: How Everyone Can Benefit" Rebekah Wang Cheng, MD
10/19/98 "Selling Your Budget" Robert Kliegman,
David Lillich,
Bob Gricunas,
Diane Gromowski,
Paul Millea
11/18/98 "I Can Do That, I can Do That (How Am I Going To Do That?" Maureen Neitz, PhD,
Peter Havens, MD
Ann Nattinger, MD, PhD
12/10/98 "Competing for Extramural Support: Women and Women's Health"  
12/18/98 "Women's Grants" Joe Hill, et al


1997 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
3/11/97 "Writing for Excellence" Paul Casella
3/11/97 "Speaking for Excellence" Paul Casella
3/12/97 "Presentation Skills Workshop" Paul Casella
3/18/97 "Interview/Hiring Skills" Suzanne Dunn and Mary Hanneman
5/29/97 "The Mentoring Process: Both Sides of the Coin (Panel Discussion)" Doug Bower, MD
Nancy Rusch, PhD
Richard Lofgren, MD
Wendy Larson, MD
9/16/97 "Strategies and Criteria Pertaining to Interventions Council" Susan MacDonald, MD
11/20/97 "The Gender Climate and How to Maneuver Within It"  
12/9/97 "Understanding the Rank and Tenure Process" David Warltier, MD, PhD


1996 Presentations
Date Topic Speaker(s)
10/28/96 "In the Pursuit of Promotion: Developing a Strong CV and Effective Career Strategies (Panel Discussion)" Jane Madden
Janet Lindemann
Janice Burke
Jacqueline Wertsch
Karen Wendelberger
Mary Otterson
Jerry Lynn Taylor

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