Family and Community Medicine

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Faculty Development

Our faculty development initiatives are designed to prepare faculty to excel as clinical educators. Beginning in 1991 in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and then expanding in the mid-nineties to General Internal Medicine and General Pediatrics, our programs and program faculty are now nationally recognized in the field. Key faculty development innovations include:

  • Faculty Mentor Program
  • Educator, Administrator, and Community-Academic Portfolios
  • Clinical Teaching Strategies
  • Simulated Students in Standardized Ambulatory Teaching Situations (SATS)
  • Palm Computing Technology for Medical Education
  • On-Line Clinical Teaching Modules
  • Writing Blitzes for Abstract / Conference Submissions
  • Distance Learning using ANGEL

Through project focused sessions, our participants master the core competencies of medical education and advance the educational mission of their division and departments. As participants learn to use a systematic, evidence-based approach to education-and disseminate the results of their projects nationally through presentations and publications-both educators and MCW's educational programs advance.
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