Gastroenterology & Hepatology

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Froedtert Hospital (FH) is one of the two primary teaching hospitals of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), and is part of the complex that includes a Level I Trauma Center, the Eye Institute, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the Medical College of Wisconsin. FH currently has a total of 519 adult inpatient beds. The Chief of the Gastroenterology & Hepatology Division (Dr. Reza Shaker) and the Fellowship Program Director (Dr. Thangam Venkatesan) are located at FH. It is mainly at this location where Gastroenterology & Hepatology Fellows gain experience with transplant patients (kidney, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, heart, lung). The Hepatology Program (Drs. Jose Franco, Kia Saeian, Samer Gawrieh, and Syed Rizvi), the MCW Dysphagia Institute, the Pancreatico-Biliary Center, the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center (Drs. Lilani Perera, Nanda Venu, Dan Stein, and Amar Naik) and Motility Programs are based at FMLH as well.

Zablocki VA Medical Center (VAMC) is the second primary teaching hospital of MCW, located approximately five miles from FMLH. This is a large Dean’s Committee VA Hospital, staffed by full-time faculty in all departments. Full gastroenterology services including ERCP and EUS, are provided on site at the VAMC.

St. Joseph's Hospital - Milwaukee (SJ) is a large general hospital approximately six miles from FMLH. The Gastroenterology & Hepatology Fellow(s) rotate to this hospital for 3-6 months, generally during their second or third fellowship year. They are mentored there by fine gastroenterologists who are on our clinical faculty and were trained in our program; two of the six were members of our full-time faculty for three years and another has held various offices in the ASGE and ACG.


Clinical Training

Patient care activities include inpatient consultations, outpatient clinics including “Continuity Clinics” and hands-on training in the technical aspects of gastroenterological procedures. The consultation service at FMLH and VAMC consists of residents and senior medical students rotating through Gastroenterology & Hepatology as well as a fellow who coordinates consultation rounds.

The Clinical Track fellows spend approximately 18 months at FMLH; assignments include inpatient consults (60-80 per month), endoscopy, inpatient hepatology and liver transplant, GI radiology, GI manometry, Continuity Clinic and referral clinics of senior faculty. In addition, fellows rotate through Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Clinics during this time. Approximately 12 months are spent at VAMC while six months are spent at SJ.

Outpatient Continuity Clinics are conducted at FH and VAMC on alternating weeks. The fellows participate in these clinics throughout their three years of fellowship with an assigned attending for an entire year. During their three-year tenure, fellows will develop a patient clientele of their own (through the Continuity Clinics) that they follow in close consultation with faculty members.

All technical procedures are performed by fellows under direct staff supervision. The active participation by the fellow in the procedures increases with his/her training and clinical expertise. Clinical assessments, documentation of procedural findings and evaluation of histopathology are included as part of the fellowship. Critique of technique, interpretation, and dictated reports is regularly provided by the faculty during review. Additionally, fellows learn the interpretation of manometric, gastric/pancreatic secretory studies and breath hydrogen tests.
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