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Diabetes Rx Mobile Application (iPod Touch)

Examples showing screen shots of the application as you navigate through the menus on the iPod touch. It is based on the information from the pocket cards below and updated to reflect the current guidelines. e.g. Rosiglitazone is no longer recommended and has been removed from the electronic version.

Diabetes RX (.pdf)


Pocket Card References

These are double-sided 5x7 laminated cards depicting a stepwise approach to medication management of type 2 diabetes. The content was developed by a team of healthcare professionals at our institution in 2007 using evidence based guidelines and updated yearly. It was approved by our experts and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee to use as a guide for patient care. This serves as a guideline only and physician discretion is to be used for management.

Step-Wise Dosing and Titration of Oral Medications for Type 2 Diabetes (.doc)

Step-Wise Dosing and Titration of Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes (.doc)
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