Geriatrics & Gerontology

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Geriatric Memory Care Clinic

Our Memory Care providers are:

  • Mary Cohan, MD
  • Gabriel Manzi, MD
  • Janice Kuiper-Pikna, MSN, RN

Our Memory Care providers:

  • Screen our patients' memory, hearing, vision and mood
  • Review patients' current medications 
  • Recommend treatment, support services and ongoing care
  • Schedule tests, consultations and referrals, as needed

New patients should bring to clinic:

  • At least one immediate family member
  • A completed list of current medications
  • The completed new patient packet

Caregivers should expect to:

  • Receive a caregiver folder with helpful resources
  • Discuss their immediate family member's mood, memory and behavior

Questions and Answers:

Call (414) 805-6644 to schedule an appointment today!
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