Technical Standards for Admission and Graduation

Technical standards, distinguished from academic standards for admission to the College, consist of the minimum physical, cognitive, and emotional attributes required to provide reasonable assurance that a student can complete the entire course of study and participate fully in all aspects of their training. Technical standards described here are a prerequisite for admission to, and for graduation from, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Physical Requirements
After adequate training and experience, the candidate must be capable of performing the experimental work required by the graduate program which he has entered. The specific requirements will vary from program to program, and within the specific research area in a program.

A candidate must be able to communicate effectively with, and receive communication from, others in relevant biomedical fields. Communication includes both speech and writing in formal and informal settings.

Intellectual, Conceptual, Integrative and Quantitative Abilities
A candidate must have the critical, problem-solving skills required in the proposed field of study. These skills include the ability to measure, calculate, reason, analyze and synthesize.

Behavioral and Social Attributes
A candidate must possess the emotional health, maturity and self-discipline required for full utilization of his intellectual ability and for successful participation in, and completion of, the program of study.

The Medical College of Wisconsin may require that an applicant undergo a skills evaluation. The Medical College of Wisconsin will endeavor to select and administer evaluations that accurately reflect the applicant’s or student’s aptitude or achievement level rather than the applicant’s or student’s disability.

The College is committed to capitalizing on technological advances that create new opportunities for participation by disabled persons and will incorporate changes into its programs where feasible. A qualified disabled applicant or student shall not on the basis of his disability (except those that would preclude meeting the above-listed technical standards) be excluded from participation in graduate programs of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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