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The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences provides a democratic form of self-government by and for the graduate students at the Medical College of Wisconsin. It provides a mechanism for voicing collective graduate student opinions to the faculty and administration while aiding in the dissemination of information to graduate students. These mechanisms along with other organizational planning help GSA promote and encourage fellowship among students enrolled in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Jessica Olson

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Election Information

The election process occurs annually in May. Member profiles and voting takes place on D2L. The newly elected Representative Council will assume their respective offices on June 1. The term for all Representative Council positions is one year. There are no term limits.


All graduate students that have completed 2 years in a degree granting program administered by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences are eligible for election to Officer Positions.

All Medical College of Wisconsin graduate students can nominate and vote for Officer Candidates.

Program Representatives:

All members of the Graduate Student Association are eligible for election to Program Representative of their respective program.

Each program holds an election concurrent with the Officer election, in which all degree seeking or interdisciplinary students of that program are eligible to vote.

Student Assembly Representatives:

The (Medical) Student Assembly appoints one Representative to represent their interests in the
Graduate Student Association.

Advisory Board Members:

The Representative Council elects a Faculty Advisor and a Past President.
The Graduate Studies Council elects an additional Faculty Advisor.
The Director of Enrollment is appointed to the Graduate Student Association.

2013-2014 GSA Members

The Graduate Student Association is composed of committed degree-seeking students
in programs administered by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.


President - Jessica Priestley

Vice President - Maciej Czarnecki

Treasurer - Melissa Wilk

Secretary - Megan Determan


Biochemistry - Amanda Nevins,

Biophysics - Casey Anderson,

Biostatistics - Ying Zhang,

Cell Biology - Amber Petersen,

IDP-Biomedical Sciences - Rick Armstrong,

Microbiology - Sheryl Konrad,

MSTP - Megan Determan,

Neuroscience - Natalie Nawarawong,

Pharmacology and Toxicology - Patrick Gonyo,

Physiology - Jessica Olson,

Public and Community Health - Dina Garcia,

2013-2014 Social Coordinators

Amanda Nevins,
Rick Armstrong,

Advisory Board

Faculty Advisor - Lisa Cirillo, PhD -

GSC Faculty Advisor - Neil Hogg, PhD -

Graduate School Advisor - Susan Barnes,

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