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As part of MCW’s efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion, a three-day Spring Festival of Cultures is being held March 26-28.
This annual event will feature a cultural market with food and educational programs, a cultural quiz bowl, a fashion show, and a cultural apparel day.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Jackie Blankenship,


*Monthly Meetings: Every last Monday of the month at 12 NOON in M3390.


Students welcome Dr. Karen Winkfield, MD, PhD to the College on March 10 and 11, 2014.  Dr. Winkfield is a Radiation Oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and she will be giving a talk at the College on March 11th in the Clinical Cancer Center.  Her topic will center around disparate outcomes in patients with multiple myeloma based on race/ethnicity.  The talk is sponsored by the USBR group as well as the MSTP program. 

Students welcome Dr. Eyitayo Fakunle, PhD to the College on April 28, 2014.  Dr. Fakunle is the head of Translational Research at CalAsia Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company in California.  He talk will be on "Promoting Equity in Stem Cell Genomics: Translating a Career"



Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration
January 20, 2014

Black History Month 2012

Spring Festival of Cultures 2011

The student’s Spring Cultural Planning Committee and the College Diversity Committee at The Medical College of Wisconsin hosted the first annual ‘Festival of Cultures’.  This was a 3-day event which students, faculty and staff were encouraged to participate in the following activities:


Day 1, March 22 - Cultural Market and educational programs

As part of the Festival of Cultures, the first afternoon was devoted to a ‘Cultural Market’.  Students, faculty and staff were encouraged to prepare a booth to display the diversity of a region, country or cultural activity.

USBR participated in this event and displayed clothing items, artwork and music, mainly from countries that are represented by students in our organization.

The countries that were represented were USA, Nigeria, Cameroon, Jamaica, Morocco, Spain, Egypt and Zimbabwe. The booth also featured a poster showing the location of each country, and also the country’s flag.


Day 2, March 23 - Quiz Bowl

Students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to assemble teams to compete in the Cultural Quiz Bowl which featured trivia from history, geography, sports, the arts, pop culture from different countries and regions.


Day 3, March 24 - Fashion Show and Festival of Cultures Apparel Day (campus wide)

This day was dedicated to displaying cultural diversity by wearing cultural apparel appropriate for work. Students also hosted a fashion and talent show committed to ethnic and cultural diversity where students, faculty and staff models showcased traditional clothing and accessories, from many different countries and regions.




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