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    Name: Joseph Byonanebye

    Hometown: Uganda, East Africa

    Undergraduate institution and major:  Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health - Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda.  M.P.H. from St. Georges' University, Grenada (West Indies)

    MCW Department:  I am a student, pursuing a Ph.D. in Public and Community Health, at the MCW Institute of Health and Society.

    Do you have any long term work experience in a science related field?

    I have taught public health at Makerere University; and coordinated a Community Health Program at Conservation Through Public Health, a 501 c3 grassroots charity, registered in Uganda and the US.  Through my work, I have seen couples in hard to reach communities access reproductive health services;  village health team members confidently sensitizing their fellow residents about sanitation and hygiene, and most importantly, I have experienced the power of subnational, national and international stakeholders in the promotion of health.

    Publications, abstracts or titles of posters you have presented or talks/seminars or poster sessions:

    I have not presented posters or abstracts about my work and research at MCW.  However, with my interest in Community Based Participatory Research, I hope to share my research results in the near future.

    Career plans/goals after MCW:  Teaching and conducting research in Public and Community Health is what I intend to do.  Additionally, I'd like to work with charities and foundations through community, government and academic collaborative partnerships.

    A word about what diversity means to you, or what it means to be a minority scholar in Biomedical Research?  What experiences have you had as an underrepresented minority scholar?

    Diversity is something that I am always proud to hear about it.  It is a community composed of people from different races and possesses different cultural values.  This is a resource that can be utilized for greater ideas, an enhanced learning environment and a shared sense of life in any academic institution.

    Why MCW?  I always wanted to grow my research career in an institution that had a strong community presence, and I have found out that, MCW provides such an amazing, brilliant graduate program in Public and Community Health that encourages us to think and contribute to our neighborhoods.