Summer Program for Undergraduate Research FAQ

 Approximately when will the applicants be notified whether they are accepted or not accepted?

The selection committee will meet in November through mid-to-late February, applicants are typically notified staring shortly after the first committee meeting. The selection process for matching faculty and students will continue through April 2014. Thank you for your patience.

 Can the application, official transcripts and the letters of recommendation be sent directly from my institution or does the entire application need to be in one envelope?

The application is only accepted via online format. The program requires official undergraduate transcripts. They may be mailed US Post, Fed EX or hand delivered (in a sealed/stamped envelope). Open letters containing the transcripts are not considered official and will not be processed to complete your application. You may e-mail letters of recommendations to or be mailed US Post, Fed EX or hand delivered (in a sealed/stamped envelope).

 I just learned about the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR), I submitted my application but my material will not arrive until after the deadline, am I still eligible?

Unfortunately, the application process opens the 1st week of October and there are hundreds of students in the application process. The application deadline for the program is February 1.

 Do I send a transcript from every university/college I have attended (national or international)?

Yes, you should send a transcript from each university/college you have attended.

 Should I mention my interest in medical school in my educational and career goals statement?

Yes, an application should be complete and factual. A large percentage of stipends are earmarked for students with an interest in medical school. It will also assist placing you in the correct laboratory setting. Be forthcoming when answering essay questions.

 Is it worth applying if my GPA is below 3.2?

Every student interested is encouraged to apply . If you do not meet the basic requirements consideration for those that do will come first.

 Since health insurance is required for all program participants, does the program provide this insurance?

No, we do not provide health insurance. Program participants must show proof of health insurance prior to beginning the summer research program. Please note additional health records are necessary for students who will shadow a physician.

 Are non-U.S. citizens eligible to apply for this program?

Yes, your status as a foreign national will not disqualify you from consideration, if you are currently enrolled in a US college or university on a F-1 visa.

 Does the program cover the cost of board and transportation as well as housing?

The program provides housing for students that reside outside the greater Milwaukee area. There is no additional costs for student housing. Travel costs to and from the program are not covered.

 If a participant's school semester ends after the program begins and will not be available for the entire length of the program, can they still apply?

All participants must make a full-time commitment for 10 weeks of research, however, alternate beginning/ending dates may be negotiated if acceptable to the preceptor and the arrangement meets program requirements. This is especially true for students that attend colleges or universities on trimester schedules.

 What is the payment plan for the stipend? Is the cost of the housing provided considered a taxable item?

The $3,500 stipend is paid directly to each participant in July and August. The payments are divided equally and fall at the beginning of each month. Stipends and housing expenses paid by MCW are considered taxable items for Federal and State tax purposes. MCW is not required to withhold taxes or report these payments on Form W-2. MCW will provide a letter in January of the following calendar year indicating the amounts that must be reported on a personal income tax return.

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