Healthier WI Partnership Program

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Post Award Frequently Asked Questions

 How are awarded funds distributed?

Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program reimburses direct project expenses per the final, Approved Project Budget. Funded partners may request reimbursement as often as monthly by submitting a signed, HWPP Invoice Form to the project's primary academic partner.

 What type of reporting takes place once an award is made?

Program staff are in regular contact with awarded organizations. Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program requires regular written progress reports and a final report no later than 60 days after the project is completed. Site visits by program staff will also occur during the project term, and we remain available in-person.

 Can budget adjustments be requested after an organization receives an award?

Minor budget shifts within major categories (personnel and direct expenses) are generally allowable as long as the changes are consistent with the approved proposal and the overall approved budget. Budget changes or rebudgeting between major budget categories (personnel and direct expenses) are not allowable. All budget changes must be justified in a clear, complete, and convincing manner using the required Change Request Form. The justification must address the specific benefit provided to the project by the budget change. A reason why funds were not initially budgeted for the requested change must also be cited. Determinations for requested changes will be provided in writing by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program.

 Please explain the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process. Do projects have to go through an IRB at the Medical College of Wisconsin?

Following notification of project funding, but prior to the execution of a Funding Agreement, each project must be evaluated for human subject requirements. The Medical College of Wisconsin's Human Research Protection Office reviews research projects for compliance with applicable human subject laws and regulations. All MCW faculty or staff members, prior to conducting research, development, or related activities involving human subjects, are responsible for having the project protocol approved by the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the Human Research Protection Office. Each project funded by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program will be required to initiate contact with the Human Research Protection Office at MCW so that the project can be evaluated. This contact should be initiated immediately following funding notification. The primary MCW partner will submit the protocol review application to the IRB. An exempt determination or an approval letter will be required for each project before a Funding Agreement can be executed.
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