Healthier WI Partnership Program

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HWPP Program Evaluation Model

The HWPP Program Evaluation Model provides a framework for individually funded projects to connect their project-level efforts to the overall activities and outcomes of the larger program. The Program Evaluation Model lays the foundation for the evaluation of HWPP as a whole. As funded projects identify how their activities and outcomes fit with the model, HWPP will be able to describe how the funded projects, taken together, advance the intended outcomes of the overall HWPP funding initiative.

Components of the Program Evaluation Model include:

• assumptions underlying HWPP’s approach to public and community health improvement;
• project-level partnership and programming activities;
• immediate outcomes expected within two to five years from the project-level activities;
• intermediate outcomes expected in five to ten years from the combined efforts of the projects funded; and,
• long-term outcomes expected over time from the efforts of HWPP in conjunction with other statewide health initiatives.


View the Program Evaluation Model (PDF)
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