Healthier WI Partnership Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program?

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP) is a part of MCW’s Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) endowment. The endowment is administrated in accordance with the Insurance Commissioner’s Order as well as the Grant Agreement with Wisconsin United for Health Foundation, and the distribution of funds is guided by a Five-Year Plan. HWPP supports community-MCW partnerships that address public and community health improvement through a competitive Request for Proposal process as well as MCW Consortium-directed non-competitive special initiatives.

 How did the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program begin?
In 1999, Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin announced its intention to convert to a for-profit stock insurance corporation. With approval from the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance in early 2000, Wisconsin's two medical schools, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Madison Medical School, were designated as stewards of these conversion funds to be dedicated to improving the public's health. In March 2004, the Medical College of Wisconsin received its distribution of these funds, and a permanent endowment was established.
 What are the Health Improvement Priorities?

HWPP provides funding for health improvement through three interrelated health improvement priorities. By focusing on these, projects will build capacity that will endure well beyond HWPP funding. The priority areas identified by HWPP are intentionally broad and rely on the creativity of partners to propose innovative programs to improve the health of the public:

1. Infrastructure focus areas to transform health improvements

2. Populations affected

3. Health focus areas

 How much funding is available through the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program?

Currently, 35 percent of the endowment, is dedicated specifically to the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program and investment income from the endowment is distributed through annual funding cycles. Proposals are solicited and reviewed in order to award funding.

 What is the Five-Year Plan?

The Five-Year Plan is a document that guides the use of the Medical College of Wisconsin's endowment funds designated for the improvement of the health of the public through community-based initiatives (the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program), research and education. It was created by the MCW Consortium for Public and Community Health as a result of statewide listening sessions and public feedback.

 Does the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program support both urban and rural initiatives?

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program supports projects that can effectively promote the health of Wisconsin residents. Projects are considered from every part of the state, including rural initiatives. Please link to the program's Resources web page to view several resources specifically directed to support rural initiatives.
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