Healthier WI Partnership Program

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Review Process

Letter of Intent

The MCW Consortium will review eligible LOIs for alignment with the MCW Consortium’s Principles of Stewardship and the program’s three core components. A limited number of applicants whose LOI best align with the program’s core components will be invited to submit full proposals. Invitations for full proposals will be sent to the project’s Primary Community Partner and Primary MCW Academic Partner via email. Feedback from this review process will be provided to applicants.

Expression of interest in a project should not be construed as an indication of funding or grant approval. The exact number of awards for this funding cycle cannot be determined in advance since this depends on the merit of the proposals received and the amount requested by successful applicants.

View the LOI Scoring Criteria

The review process for HWPP funding is a highly competitive process that includes a detailed, multi-level, qualitative and quantitative assessment. The numeric score assigned to proposals, complemented by discussion and critique at each level of the review process, is used to prioritize proposals for funding. Projects may be asked to provide additional information at the conclusion of the review process. Expression of interest in a project should not be construed as an indication of funding approval. Projects funded by HWPP are those that rank high in both qualitative and quantitative measures and reflect the MCW Consortium’s Principles of Stewardship and the program’s core components.

Criteria used to assess projects include, but are not limited to:
• Understanding of the specific population to be served by the project.
• Clarity of the health priority(ies) to be addressed.
• Innovation and effectiveness of the proposed strategy and how it would change current systems.
• Evidence of community involvement.
• Evidence of an authentic community-academic partnership.
• A reasonable and cost-efficient budget.
• A realistic plan to sustain program activities after HWPP funding is completed.

Full Proposal

In addition to the criteria above, full proposals are reviewed at the following levels:

Technical Review
Full proposals are screened by HWPP staff to determine that all eligibility, content and submission requirements are fulfilled. Ineligible projects will not advance to the National Merit Review.

National Merit Review
Full proposals are reviewed by a panel of National Merit Reviewers who are experienced community and academic leaders from outside the state of Wisconsin. Each proposal is assigned to multiple reviewers who conduct a detailed analysis of each section of the proposal, considering the strengths and limitations of the project and partnership. Each of the reviewers individually provides a numeric score, written critique and overall funding recommendation. Comments from the National Merit Reviewers are provided to applicants following the completed review process. Comments, scores and funding recommendations from the National Merit Reviewers are forwarded to the MCW Consortium.

MCW Consortium
The MCW Consortium's review is based not only on merit and feedback from the National Merit Reviewers, but also on the relevance of the proposal to the MCW Consortium's priorities, as reflected in the Five -Year Plan, particularly in the Principles of Stewardship (see page 3-4) and the relevance of the project to the local context and statewide needs. Biographical sketches for each member of the Consortium are posted on the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin web site for review.

The Consortium may request selected projects to adjust their workplan, budget or timeline based on the outcome of the review process. If necessary, these specific projects would be notified to make adjustments to their materials to accommodate the required change and resubmit for further review. Projects selected to revise their budget, workplan or timeline will be notified individually. No negotiations or appeals will be accommodated through this process. Final decisions will be advanced to the October Board of Trustees meeting.

MCW Board of Trustees
The MCW Board of Trustees reviews the recommendations made by the MCW Consortium and confirms funding determinations.

 View the Full Proposal Scoring Criteria
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